Loser of Rider/ Esks game cans coach!

I make the prediction that the loser of this weeks Rider/ Esks game cans their coach after the game. I suspect that both teams fans will be wanting someone’s head on a platter (namely the coach) for such a poor start, considering the offensive talent both teams have!

Well I think Danny Barrett is safe until the end of the season Shivers will not fire him. However, Danny Macooochie! Well he is going to get replaced with Soupy JR! :lol:

Hopefully if their season is bad enough the Riders will finally cut Shivers. This clown has been around way too long.

I don't see getting rid of Barrett until at least the end of season. . . I mean, our brass seems to be stupid when it comes to things like that.
As for Maciocia. . . why would they get rid of him? I mean, he won the Grey cup last season in his FIRST season. . . and is it really his fault that his players suck?
Of course, I know that the CFL can be crazy for these sorts of things. . .

Fun Fact from Today's Leader Post:
Barrett is now the Riders all-time coaching leader for games played at 135. Eagle Keys is now second, at 134.
Barrett's record? 62-72-1, with a percentage of .463 (including playoffs and preseason)
Keys's record? 88-43-3 with a percentage of .672

Who deserves to be our longest serving coach?

I said it in an earlier post. If the eskimos lose on Friday the axe will fall. probably on machochia’s neck. (I probably misspelled that)

As for the Riders, do you honestly think that Barretts head will be on the chopping block if the Riders lose. I think the last time a riders head coach was fired midway through the season was back in the 80’s.

...Danny B. and his other half ..'the Shiv.'....will stick around till the end of the year...(like Daley)....now as for Danny 'boy' the frolicking dancer...he may be in a load of trouble..methinks he better come up with a win.... :wink:

Saskatchewan can't afford to "payout" fired coaches or GM's. No, those two will linger around bringing agony and distraught to the Rider fans. They'll probably get the Heave-ho at the end of the season.

However, Disco Danny, our dancing coach is another thing. I can't see Commisioner Campbell waiting too long and putting the playoff streak on the line. I bet a certain number of losses will trigger the axe to fall. Will it be Friday?

I believe Barrett is safe for the Season but the AXE will fall in Edmonton if they lose to the Riders.

I believe Barrett is safe for the Season but the AXE will fall in Edmonton if they lose to the Riders.

Yup sporty you are right and this will pave the way for JR to be head coach!

The Riders have canned two coaches during the season...Faragalli in early 80's and John Gregory in early 90's...replaced by the "Don"

Barrett will be here until the season is over, and might be around after depending on how the Riders finish. If they finish out of the playoffs or crossover, he will be gone. A new GM might want to keep him around, unless he himself is given that position. One thing is for certain--Shivers is gone after this year is done.

A Win in Edmonton tomorrow would be huge for the Riders. It would put some distance between you guys and the last place Eskimos. Wow, that feels weird typing that…Last place Eskimos. Anyways, I think if the Riders beat the Eskimos Disco Danny might be done.

M's *** is grass and EE is the lawn mower if he loses again.

Barret, at 4 and 4 however, will be safe, not matter what happens.