Lose the 3rd Jerseys Please

The yellow jerseys need black numbers or they should be discarded - the white numbers are hard to read in my opinion.

I need to know who to yell at when someone screws up!

Those gold jerseys look slick. and the white numbers looked fine. I say make them the standard home sweaters.

And if it's a superstition thing, we did score our first and second TDs last night.

i like them lookds good to me

As a fan there is a feeling of conection with team in the colours and uniforms. Keep changing them and you could lose that conection with your brand.

Im loving the Gold. The only issue I have is that the gold on the shirts does not match the lemon yellow on the pants.... looks bush.

The black border on the white numbers makes them very easy to read. Maybe you just need glasses or stronger ones if you already wear some. :slight_smile:

Its a red border :slight_smile:

Actually its both.... lol.

I tend to agree that the team is risking a huge dis-connect when every game seems to be a different mix-match of colours with jerseys and pants....I just don't see the reasoning behind this is all.

....up and coming young fans are the ones who will be most confused as they look out onto the field and say "is that really the Tiger-Cats"?

I've never seen a team in any professional sport do these drastic changes game to game......and it must be rather confusing to the players also because it's hard to get attached to the uniform like most other professional players do in all sports....

....ususally it is an honour to wear a certain uniform the players aspired to wear ie: Yankees, Packers, Red Wings etc.

I did have a thought about this last night as a matter of fact.....does it affect out quarterbacks when they always see a different colour jersey to throw to?....I would think they might get conditioned to the same looking target all the time and to throw a different colour at them each game might be enough to disrupt their concentration a bit?.....just wondering what you think?

mikey, our QB's seem to be completing passes - to the teams NOT wearing our colours...

I don't particularly care what they wear. I just want them to win while they're wearing it.

I would like to see the numbers darker on the gold jersey’s because i ahve an eye problem so it is a bit difficult to see exactly who is laying the hit. But still, they look ballin’

As third jerseys they're great, white numbers and all.

Very sharp.

To Quote Goldmember from Austin Powers



hey barrenecheafan, first of all try to spell the guy’s last name correctly please, i don’t think he’d like that too much.second of all,yeah, they’re going to change the colour of the numbers cause one person voices his/her concern that he/she can’t see the friggin numbers- save your effort for something that makes sense, there’s no way that’ll even be taken into consideration,get some tri-focals.

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Sig, I can’t disagree with you on that…

The pick in the end zone that Maas threw was brutal and really killed a golden opportunity to take control of the game…

…no wonder Coach Taaffe sounds exasperated when that kind of stuff keeps plaguing the team…and I won’t even mention the two sure-fire picks our defense should have had (oops, I just mentioned them)…ughhhhhhhh

…and the shot-gun snap that Maas dropped?..costing us 2 points…

…this stuff has to stop and pronto because it’s not Marcel or Coach Taaffe’s fault that players can’t stick a fork in the ball…it’s assumed they know how to catch a darn football when they are signed.

(sorry for drifting way off-topic here) :oops:

this is a stupid topic but the gold looked nice and the numbers were fine to see and i think they should stay with them cuz they could actually move the ball when they wore them.

I like the gold, but I also found some of the numbers tough to read, and my vision is better than 20/20. (I just had Lasik surgery)

Although I do sit in the last row of the stadium, so that could have something to do with it.