Los Angeles SB parade proves point - cities like Toronto are not sports towns

It was announced that only 30k fans were set up along the main route. And 30k fans were in the fenced area off-route near the state. For an approximate total per L.A Sports radio of 90k

For a city the size of Los Angeles this shows exactly the problem with sports fans, residents of certain cities. and how ownership and business of sports effects fan perspective of their favorite teams.

the Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup parades in '12 - '14 had approximately 300,000 fans lined up just for the parade.

the Los Angeles Lakers in 2010 had 350,000 for the parade.

**The Los Angeles Rams / Chargers situation is a mess as you should know the RAMS are not Los Angeles team they belong to Southern California / Anaheim-OC. **

And the Chargers belong to Eastern Valley / San Diego

They have it all mixed up and they thought just because they are the NFL they could make it work and people will come. They are not.


Chicago is a sports town. They love all their pro teams.


there's that Chicago Mob again

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So, @ReganRebs where were you when the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championships in 2019?



Yeah Toronto is not a sports town at all. LOL

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To be frank here, the original post hardly focuses on CFL/Football and worse, it fails to have any substance to the topic at hand. Locked.