Lorne Sam.....PK'S brother...

....rumours are the BigBlue are bringing in Sam for a look-see...Don't know much about him????...He has good size...but can he catch like PK.....I think we're about to find out... :roll:

I'm just glad it wasn't Jerome Mathis, as speculated earlier.

[url=http://broncotalk.net/2008/04/wr-lorne-sam-passing-catching-running/]http://broncotalk.net/2008/04/wr-lorne- ... g-running/[/url]

Here are a few positives that have me excited:

  • Has the ability to play more than one position
  • He’s smart – he has a good grasp of the playbook and understands the game
  • Can play through pain – played most of 2004 season on a fractured left foot
  • Has the size and athletic ability but needs additional training
  • Seems to have a team-oriented attitude

And here are the things that bother me:

  • Not a very good blocker – uses his size not technique
  • Questionable work ethic – tends to only do what is required in the weight room
  • Not a crisp route runner – uses his athletic skills to overcome sloppy routes
  • Has been out due to injury quite a bit – started only 11 of 42 games (total)

....I hope this guy can run his routes better than he can find Wpg....On his facebook he says that Canada has 'weird' roads and sounds lost.......lol lol...Someone said he's in the Peg.....others say he's still in transit.....Whatever...practice field awaits Mr. Sam...I am....lets see what you can do...if and when you get here 8) 8)

This kid wil help the Bombers just as much as Lorne Greene will. Who is Kelly going to sign next? Hoss and Little Joe?

...He finally made it...and NO, out in two, he wasn't on horseback.....Another receiver is also close to signing...could it be Carter...stay tuned... :wink: