Looks to be another Great CFL season

I don't know bout you but it's going to be interesting to see who comes out on top in the CFL this year. both Divisons look very competitive and it's going to have alot of great matches.

Question is now asked which team has the Best 1-2 Punch at QB I like what i see in all of the teams and I think there will be some QB's that will steal some games for their teams this year. I am looking forward to a new season with Canada and USA's Pasttime.

Ducky it might be a bit early to tell on this one do you not think? But if you go by the past BC still is the best.

BC is but who knows they might have their hands full with teams in their divison and those in the east. They are marked mean so what can you say

1-2-3 punch = BC, but, hey I'm biassed!

Yeah BC great QB depth.
Calgary should have good depth.
Riders Should be alright with their QBs as well.
Montreal may be in trouble at depth for QB (I have no faith in Nealon)