...in this game tonight...at least till half-time.....it looks like the Bomber defence is starting to catch up with the useless offence...(except for Milt)....my question is ...has Greg Marshal already left for his new head-coaching job...in the revived Ottawa team....sure seems like it...they are all playing half-hearted...no tackling anymore ....just not what they started the year off as.... :? :o

...i.m giving my tickets for the banjo bowl to my nephew and his wife...so he can witness the next drubbing instead of me....until the Bombers bring in a credible qb. ...i'll keep giving my tickets away....tired of going down the same old road with this team....i'm beginning to feel like a Hamilton fan....sorry BigDave....move over... :lol: :lol: :thdn:

I expect the Bombers to be better next week papa-dont give up on them yet. A full week of practice and Glenn will be better, I expect the rematch to be a different game next week.

you know what team we are looking like now? OTTAWA! except we still have a shot at the playoffs as long as we keep EE at bay.

With the esks playing hamilton twice in a row in a few weeks, and if winnipeg continues to struggle, I could see the esks crossing over.

heaven forbid, but if that's what it takes for the CO to live on after 10 teams, and for WPG to get their heads out of their @$$es, then I'm for it, but what am I saying? EE should miss out on the playoffs at least once! they bought it once in 1983 or st, and they shouldn't make it now!

My take on this is that the Bombers are a better team than they showed last night, I expect them to be a lot tougher at home. I also believe they ran into a Rider squad that is brimming with confidence right now, I dont think it would have mattered who Sask played yesterday. Winnipeg still has time to turn their season around, and they have the personnel to turn things around, once they start to execute better and have a break go their way, they will be the team that went 5-2 to start the season.

I don't think they will get back to the level they were at when they got to 5-2 by next week, but I do expect a very different performance fron the Bombers. It may have been a little rust from Glenn, but the offense as a whole has got to start moving the ball. The Riders are definilty brimming with confidence right now, and we had better step up to the plate next week on our turf. I think it will be a very entertaining game, with a very different outcome.

sounds like a lot of yella bellied fans. cheer on your team. it is not like you can't enjoy the game if we lose. i know i mope around for 3 hours on game day when it happens but i am still happy to cheer the team on. i love my blue and gold and still would if we were the worst team in the league... which we are not. we will make the playoffs and once there anything can happen. hey the stamps won in 2001 and the eskies pulled it out last year. fans, show some heart.

Thats the spirit blackdale, the Bombers will be fired up for the rematch for sure. If they can do a better job against the run then the game should be a lot closer. Glenn just needs to get back into a rythmn with his guys......the good news NO NEW INJURIES, can you believe it.....whooo.....also do you know who was 5 - 6 this time last season, the eventual East Division Champ Montreal Als.

Really if we beat the Riders this weekend and the EE lose to Cowgary again, we all but wrap up a playoff spot.

...i have never quit supporting this team....because a guy points out what he believes is the problem with the club....does not mean he's a yellied belly whatever....i still believe this team can go a long way....but on the other hand ...adjustments have to be made....otherwise you'll be dead in the water ... :wink: i am a firm believer in 'constructive criticism'...goBigBlue... :thup:

Rematch, they may be fired up but do they have the talent. I do not believe so.As been said before, they beat Edmonton twice, (at the bottom in the West) once on a miracle play on the last play of the game, Toronto twice w/o Damon Allen and Hamilton( bottom of the barrel). Don't tell me that you honestly believe that this team has the talent to compete with the other elite teams in this league. That is fantasy. Or receiving core is second rate at best. Our running game centers on one scatback and our passing game on a Qb who struggles at times to throw a spiral.This team will make the playoffs only because the Cats don't have enough games left to catchup and face a myriad of their own disasters.

...that may all be true....and if we make the playoffs cuz other teams are worse...dosen't give you a whole large amount of confidence or pride...usually teams that make it that way ....exit real quick.... maybe i'm not as enthused about our chances anymore...but i'm sticking with the crew...till the numbers say its over....... :rockin:

and once the numbers say it is over... then what. should cats fans no longer support their team. things are pretty rough there right now. i believe you are a true fan paps... just going through a period of frustration which we all do. and i am all for constructive criticism with the emphasis on constructive. to say we are bad, not goin to any more games... etc is not constructive. although allowing relatives/friends to use your tickets can be good if it will get them to become fans as well. no issue with that however if you hand them over saying 'i can't bear to watch it anymore', they will likely carry that attitude with them into the game and join the negative fan ranks that seem so pervasive in winnipeg sometimes. i would love to see the game sell out this weekend but now that the bandwagon jumpers are fleeing i find it unlikely unless rider priders come out in an unprecedented force. come on rider fans... do your thing and fill up those seats, the money will be apprecitated and it will make for a great game day experience.

I look at it this way blackdale....i'm too old to get frustrated anymore....just getting a little miffed at watching us slip so badly....i never want to be accused of being on a bandwagon of any sort....i have always operated my own wagon.....and as far as monetary support for the team....my body may not be in that seat....but my money is....and my spirit....which is, and always will be ,with the Bombers :thup: .... i agree we could use a few more converts and deep down i will always be watching this team.. :wink:

Go ahead dad this is where you tell him that you have a soft spot for the Stamps! Go ahead! do not turn RED! :lol: