Looks like you guys can use a Kicker!

Wow am I ever glad we got rid of Matt Kellet. Just watchink kickoffs piss me off so muc. He cant kick them deep, he kicks them to the 25 yard line. And his vision is not the problem. Third and Ten, when you said White is not a CFL Calibur player, what about Matt Kellet. He’s terrible. I feel sorry for you guys.

Your offence is not looking to great. Whenever you say to yourself, hey this rookie Parenteau is doing well against Joe Montford. Montford answers with a big play. But still hes having a good game nonethe less cause Joe Montford aint the easiest guy to block.

Thats just my 2 cents, but you guys really need a kicker!

Enhjoy the remainder of the game guys!

We haven’t had stability in the kicking department since Lawrence Tynes left. I’m not too sure about Kellett. There has to be a stronger prescription of glasses that he can wear that will help correct his vision. I think they should talk to Sandro Sciortino and try to bring him out of retirement. Although his accuracy wasn’t there last season, he had a really strong leg and he will only get better.

Man if he had converted on those 2 field goals it could have been different in the 2nd half.

Hopefully Flemming sees this as an opportunity.

As for that trade. Ottawa got damaged goods from Montreal. That’s not right. the CFL needs to get involved on that one.