Looks Like Titus Ryan Will Not Return To The Bombers

Titus Ryan has been praised by Dallas Reciver Coach For his speed and looks like he will stick with The Cowboys and even if he becomes a late cut i think his speed will attract more NFL interest.

[url=http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/spt/football/cowboys/stories/050910dnspofraley.40e6b8e.html]http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent ... e6b8e.html[/url]

...probably why the stumps were so eager to incude him in that Franklyn/Bryant trade.....they knew if he went south he most likely wouldn't be returning :roll: :cry:

Well it would not be the first time a team has lost a good player to the NFL, his speed is amazing and he showed a huge amount of promise, good luck to him!!

Still a good trade though unless Jabari Craps the bed, Odell Willis should be an excellent player after what we saw last season.

well we got willis, armstrong, dimichelle, arthur and ryan. so one guy isnt back this year.. the rest are all signed tho.

I think Travis Shelton will probably give us the exact same kind of player

shelton, and or franklin . . . both have scary speed, franklin was on a few nfl rosters, strikes me as a very similar player to ryan, and still young... wish we were getting titus back, we still may at some point. but i think we will be ok. im excited to see the new guys at camp

We got a few burners in camp as well as some big boys with fly paper hands, we'll be just fine.

im not even sure if ryan is released that he will be back with the bombers. i could see them trading his rights to toronto or a team who has more of a need for him than we do.

shelton, strickland, jeffers-harris,franklin,jovon, probably some other guys too. one or more will step up for sure.

trade his rights to toronto for a draft pick. thats what i would do if he was cut by the cowboys.