Looks like the Seahawks will be marketing in BC

Minnesota in Canada as well. They've been doing it unofficially for a while now though.

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Looks like the Seahawks are doing more to promote in Vancouver than the Lions were within the Vancouver area under the previous ownership.

Yeah that is what I was about to say... NFL teams used to get lots of season ticket holders living in Canada even

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The Seahawks have around 6500 tickets from the Vancouver area.

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Another papered event like the Bills Series in Toronto

Unlike the Bills in Toronto, the Seahawks have more jerseys sold than the Lions.

Being a competitive and winning team (this season the exception) does help unlike the Bills who were going through a "rebuild" at that time.


The Seahawks are trending downward. Wilson has lost his mojo. Carrol is starting to show his age more than Biden. by the time the Seahawks play in Vancouver, they will be a bottom feeder and Vancouver fans will be throwing their jerseys on the field like what Edmonton Oiler and Habs fans have done


Still won't gravitate towards the CFL and the Lions though.

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Every team loses season ticket holders and would see a reduction. Don't forget these season tickets are to be paid in US funds.

The Canadian Loonie has an uphill battle to get on par with it's US counterpart. It looks like Canada is content with a low dollar to encourage US investment

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Do you remember the days when the Canadian dollar was at $0.62 US?

We could have been at 2 teams in Canada at the time.

The CFL won't be able to attract top end talent even with the overhaul of the rules and potential schedule moves.

It's all about the exchange rate.


That is why the NHL has revenue sharing. Hence the CFL has followed this route. It took a lockout for that to happen. The NHL lockout could've been averted with sensible negotiations instead of waiting up to the last minute to leverage one over the other

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The fact that it took a pandemic to get some revenue sharing in CFL is sad and should have been in place long before.

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You are right. I suspect the late David Braley had a hand in preventing any kind of sharing

And they say he saved the CFL.

Did he really?



Definitely a double edged sword Braley was.. held onto 3 franchises when no one else would but managed to keep the business of the CFL stuck in the 1980s for 40 years

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And here are the consequences of that mindset.

Over reliance on ticket sales, not a deep enough tv contract, unable to have a season in 2020 when other smaller leagues (CPL, CEBL) were able to organise some sort of a competitive tournament to stay visible.