Looks like the same cats to me

Maybe 2 more wins this year?...they don't look groundbreaking...see alot of good signs...but the Al's in the first half moved the ball at will....

Yep, the defense looks about the same, loose coverages, poor tackling, and lousy line rush. Taft looks the same, confused about rules, calling for a review when it was clearly a fumble, team still making dumb mistakes including penalties and over exuberence. Taft needs to lay down the rule. Tell these guys that good plays all game are a reason for exurberance, not one good play a game.

Taft looks the same, confused
Exactly what I saw. Wasted challenge, didn't hurt but could have.

Totally disagree. Took a quarter and a half to get the jitters out. The second half of the second quarter the offense moved the ball at will. Now it's a matter of converting in the red zone.

Mitchell, Cohen and Woodcock have looked great. These are all positives. The defense was on the field a LOOOOOOng time in the first quarter. Hence, the points by Montreal.

Stay tuned people.

where do the wins come? montreal is supposed to suck!

Stay tuned???.... printers sees the middle linebacker jump the count and looses sight of the ball...printers has a 2nd and 3..goes long overthrows the receiver by about 5 yards...hamilton's t.o.p. is terrible...every year there seems to be new enthusiasim..and about 20 new faces on the roster half mind you with no experience...score now 23-3...with nothing to look forward too...deep down inside something is saying i hope they score 3 td's from no where..but truth is lucky if they dont turn it over 3 more times...the cats have been inside the 10 once...on the 9...Charlie Taff...looks like Alicia Silverstone...my man Armstead is having a good game...good job obie...cats 08-09 5-13

Same team, different season. I dont know why people thought we would be a legit playoff contender, maybe some mythical powers will make the team better?

maybe they just have to gel together for a few more seasons.....lol.

you would think first time a home opener is in h-town in 31 yrs...and you manage 3 points infront of a loyal crowd patient crowd....your loosing by 20...and look like crap..and Mckay is bigging up his crew in Toronto..and Scarbourough on camera??...no regard for the fans..glad this wasn't a sellout...

glad this wasn't a sellout...
you are an ass.

Got that right, Football...

BTW, your Lions look lousy too

The second half of the second quarter the offense moved the ball at will.
I must have missed part of the second quarter because I didnt see them move the ball at will until there was only a minute and a half left


Still not sold on Printers. One good year - 2004. Not much since then...

They’re picking it up right where they left it last season. Oh boy, another year like the last two…or is it 3? I hope this was just jitters but I didn’t see much in the way to prove that. I’ll wait and see what the next few games have to tell us before I get critical.

Exacty right ETMraw

What do you expect? He played well, given the dropped balls and fumbles I was happy with his preformance.

I TOTALLY agree...its embarrassing. And it should be a delay of game penalty.

Not sold??? The guy was our best player on the field. He left everything out there. Sure he picked up a penalty, but the guy has emotion and game.

I really don't know what you were seeing as the line had made far too many mistakes tonight for Casey to sustain any kind of momentum. Discipline penalties will hurt the best of teams. And that's fine since it's a young club that still has to gel. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN IN ONE GAME. C'mon Hamilton, we are a far too educated fan base to perceive it as otherwise.

But to call out Casey is ridiculous at best!