Looks like the "Negative" Bomber fans were right all along!

Hey "milt-for-life" and "blue&gold4ever"... looks like the "so-called "Negative" Bomber fans" were RIGHT ALL ALONG!

You guys must feel pretty foolish.

and what point are you trying to prove jets. they are bomber fans who kept the faith. they ut there pride as a fan ou there with the team. something you would know nothing about. they probably lost more pride in the team then you ever had and still stuck u for them just like any true fan would.

and heres a question when was the last time u even watched a bomber game?

I don't feel one bit like a fool!!! I kept the faith and the team played great don the stretch, i was hpoing we would have a miracle in the playoffs as any true fan had. Bottom line is Edmonton was the better team, they deserved the win, granted. Point is i never lost hope in this team and i am looking forward to another Bomber Season in 2009, I will be in the stands as usual and where will u be? Trying to bring back the Jets ... LOL .... standing outside the MTS centre with a Jets Jersey on, now that said, you look foolish coming on a CFL post with a name like Jets07, what Jets? No NHL in the Peg, never will be!! We will see NHL in Europe before Winnipeg, so why you alway's come on here knocking our team, us true fans, a team we actually have here, a team we can cheer for? I don't feel like a fool one bit, never will, just because i keep the faith in a team we actually have!! Grow Up man!!

wekll said man. i'll be in my same spot for every game next year to. i saw 12 games live his season out of 21. that includes labor day. something only true fans dare go to.

Yea, I guess you guys are true fans. If Taman and Bauer told you to jump into a pool of hungry man eating sharks, you guys would blindly obey and do it.

actually if they told me to do that i would say you first just to see what hapened. get a safety level. no i don;t do things blindly but teams no matter how good or bad need fans to support them. i was born and raised cheering on the bombers and i will die doing to same.

....How were you guys right, i like to cheer for my team until the end, even though things dont look great at the time.
I dont feel like a fool, nor do i feel like i was wrong for supporting my team.

(no i wouldn't jump into a pool of sharks)

Except Taman would have traded the Sharks for Sun fish so they would have been safe jumping into the pool! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Go play in traffic.

Slap yourself.

slither that was the funniest thing i heard or read all day.