Looks Like The End For Joe Smith

Smith and Reid did not play all pre season, they should be worried now, especially Smith as this Giles is the real deal and is a keeper (12 Rushes for 161 Yards and a TD). He is the same exact type player as Joe Smith except much younger. Now i read somewhere that the Lions are interested in Giles, NO WAY unless we get signifigant talent back. Trading Giles and Keeping Smith makes no sense at all, Giles is cheaper, younger and faster. Think this is goodbye to Smith?

PS. If the Bombers cut Giles or trade him for nothing, Kelly would be a true idiot!!

wouldn’t be the first time he’s done that.

End of Joe Smith? are you nuts! he's the one that is going to keep the offence on the field as a QB problem will arise once again, why would you say that?

They can always get Joe Smith to pickup the Pop Bottles and Beer cans around Can-Ad Stadium. It will be the cleanest Stadium in the league! :wink: :wink:

Tough to figure how they keep Joe around after what Giles did in the preseason...if only to save money.

Getting a high draft pick for Joe would be nice.

....I would say the Bombers will get more than just a high draft pic for Joe....IF he is even dealt....Listening to Murphy , he says there might be a way to hang on to all three backs for awhile (don't know what angle he's proposing).....We'll be in no hurry to strenghthen another team... :wink: Besides Joe has been paid up-front on an extension....I don't see him being moved....at least immediately...

The second you cut Fred Reid, the Argos will pick him up and make him a KR. The Argos haven't had anyone step up and take the place of Dominique Dorsey.

...no-way Freddie is going anywhere....dream on... :lol:

Freddie will be number one fer sure...

As far as keeping all four around for a while...a faux-injury perhaps? lol. I dunno. Wait and see...

Kelly would be out of his mind not to start the rook. You don't bench a kid on a hot streak.

Bernard is the odd man out, Bombers can keep Reid, Smith & Giles on the roster for awhile, injuries always occur.

Smith is making too much to be #3. He will be cut.

....give me a break......cut a player of his calibre.....maybe that's what you do in the hammer....or you get taken in some gawd awful trade....we do things a little different in the Peg...and end up ahead in the long run....by the way how do you like this new kid Giles....... :rockin: :thup:

Smith took a pay cut this year, keep up with the times son.

You really want to rate a guy on pre-season games?

How would you recommend rating him when preseason games are all he's played?

This is a tough one.

On one hand, you got Smith and the two biggest misconceptions about Smith is his age (in his prime 29) and he makes too much (took a paycut this year). His legs are still relatively fresh as he hasn't had tons of carries over lots of years. He's a proven back in this league and he's still got some left in the tank and from what I've heard, he was impressive in camp.

On the other, you have Giles. He's only played two preseasoners but he was sooooo good in those games. What do you do? If he plays in the regular season like he did here, you got a great, GREAT running back. But if he slips and kinda stumbles to average, maybe you shouldn't have canned Joe Smith.

I really don't know what to do this situation. tait said in the paper today that Giles new nickname should be Migraine for giving Kelly one trying to make this decision. I certainly wouldn't want to be the one to make this one.

As for Smith's trade value, in my mind, it's non-existent. Out west, Edmonton and Calgary don't need him and I can't see the Riders putting an offer in for him. BC won't take him back and Hamilton/Montreal don't need him. Toronto is the only club I can see with a real interest for him as a back/returner but they aren't real dumb. They will put feelers out and if they think they are the only team interested, they will give the Bombers a low ball offer (mid round pick) knowing that if Winnipeg doesn't trade him, they will cut him and most likely, he'll fall into their laps anyways.

Or maybe not :slight_smile:

Back to BC ?

[url=http://www.vancouversun.com/Sports/Lions+shuffle+brings+back+Bobby+Singh/1729167/story.html]http://www.vancouversun.com/Sports/Lion ... story.html[/url]

wow, wally is certainly implying something in that quote. i really thought it didn't end well between the two of them but that article certainly shows it a possibity.