Looks like the Cats have signed David Ball

From Drew Edwads blog this morning:

"An article on University wide receiver David Ball who holds the Division I-AA record for touchdown catches.

What’s interesting is that the story, from a Vermont paper and dated today, says “Ball’s agent is negotiating with the Montreal and the CFL rival Hamilton Tiger Cats.” His wiki page says he’s joined the Ticats and the team site doesn’t have him listed on the roster but a profile page exists for him."

Here is the profile page: http://www.ticats.ca/roster/show/id/2009

If true (and it seems to be) this is great news for the Ti-Cats O. Having the all time TD catch leader in the NCAA can’t hurt. He’s the exact same size Jason French was. He broke Jerry Rice’s college record.

Good. We needed more recievers.

There's going to be some serious competition for receiving positions. Expect to see a few more familiar names not making the cut. Mitchell, Cohen, and Walker in particular, will need strong camps to find a spot. Anyway, if true, congrats to Obbie for continuing to build depth and create competition for positions.

Here is a link to a scouting report on wide receiver David Ball:

[url=http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=55621&draftyear=2007&genpos=WR]http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/ds ... &genpos=WR[/url]

While Ball's NCAA Division 1AA career touchdown record is very impressive and he is definitely worth a look, it was not too long ago that the Ticats had Taylor Stubblefield, the NCAA Division 1A career receptions leader, on their team. He was here in 2005 and again in 2007 and was unable to win a starting wide receiver or slot back job. Novascotiakid is right though that increased competition at the receiver position is a good thing.

Wasn't Timmy Chang the all time leader in something or other???

Actually, If I'm not mistaken, Ball was on the Als Practice Roster last year.

In Ball's profile it lists him as #83 which was/is Cohen's number. Does this mean Cohen is released?

I have some news for you.. David Ball is not Timmy Chang.

David Ball was on the Als practice roster last year along with his QB Santos. He was not able to crack the roster. Als have however kept Santos. It would be nice to see him crack the Ticats roster, Als were deeper at the position...

Of course he's not. I think the point that was being made is that it is not exactly unknown for a player to come to Canada with stellar college numbers, and then fall flat on his face in the CFL. Chang is but one example of same. Will it happen to Ball? We'll see.....................

Good name for a receiver.

I think Dave will fined stiff competition here.

As well he should !

4.65 is a slow 40… anything 4.5 and better is good

You're not talking to children here. Any football fan knows 4.5 and lower is good.

4.65 is plenty of speed to play SB.

who cares about a 40 time
that is all hogwash
its all about game speed

Amen Brotha!

Well one this is for sure... we already know what his nickname is...

"White Rice"

Didnt Taylor Stubblefield lead the NCAA in all time catches when he came here?

:rockin: Very good.But obviously he is not as fast as Jerry Rice, so he can't be "Minute Rice" or "Instant Rice". :wink:

The Ticats where the worst at Stretching the field last year
how is 4.65 WR Going to help us to that he ain't..