Looks like RW05 was right about Hebert...Todays article

Good call RW'05 this just in!

Hebert stuck at crossroads
Would rather not become a Bomber
By PAUL FRIESEN -- Winnipeg Sun

Kyries Hebert has finally broken his silence, and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers won't be thrilled with what he has to say.

The former Ottawa Renegades linebacker, whom the Bombers claimed on waivers a week ago, sounds as determined as ever to get out of his CFL contract.

"There are a lot of things that make me want to be there," Hebert told the Sun from his home in Houston yesterday. "But under the circumstances, it's just not right for me. Throughout this whole thing, I've been misinformed, I've been lied to, things that were in my contract didn't go the way they were supposed to.

"And I have the opportunity of a lifetime, to live out a dream that I've always had. I've never been in a situation where I can just have it at my fingertips the way I have it now. And for it to be taken away from me is very hurtful to me."

Hebert is referring to a contract offer from the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals, a deal he was minutes from signing when the Bombers surprised everyone by scooping up his rights.

He thought he had become a free agent the week before, when all CFL teams passed on him in the Ottawa dispersal draft. But the Bombers grabbed him at the 11th hour.

Hebert and his agent are disputing the move, a claim the CFL Players Association has agreed to investigate.

"We are presently reviewing the matter," CFLPA counsel Ed Molstad told the Sun.

The union could take the matter to arbitration, like any other contract dispute between a team and player.

A talented 25-year-old, Hebert says he respects the fact the Bombers have to do what's best for the team. But ...

"At the same time, I'm still a person," he said. "I have feelings, I have dreams, I have aspirations. I would like to think my dreams would mean something.

"I don't dislike their fans or their players. Or the coaches. I like what the organization is doing in the off-season. It's a pretty good situation. Just not for me, not where I'm at in my life."

Hebert's life appears to be at a crossroads, both professionally and personally.

Early this year he was charged with assaulting his wife, which is what initially scared off most CFL teams in the dispersal draft. The charges have since been reduced to misdemeanours through a plea bargain.

"I've taken 100% responsibility for the incident that occurred between my wife and I," Hebert said. "I've been in the church ever since, and I've sought out counseling. I'm a lot better person. Hopefully, through time, I'll build relationships and people will see who I am."

As a player, they already know, at least in the CFL.

Ottawa thought enough of him to sign him to a five-year contract in January, a deal the Bombers took over when they claimed him.

A hard hitter who can run, Hebert would look good beside free agent acquisition Barrin Simpson, especially now that linebacker Sean Woodson has retired.

But the Louisiana native says bigger things are calling him south.

"There's just so much I have on my table right now, as far as my family is concerned, as far as trying to make my marriage work. I mean, everything I need in my life is pointing me towards the NFL right now."

Not to mention, a chance to make better money.

Add it all up, and it sounds like Hebert isn't ready to report to training camp here next month.

"You said it, I didn't," he said.

After reading the article, maybe Hebert needs a new agent. Trusting Loonie Lonie with the next five years of his life and then claiming to have been misinformed about his rights.

I wouldn't be surprised if Brendon got tipped off that Hebert was about to sign in the NFL and saw a little opportunity to make some money if Hebert didn't want to report. It wouldn't be the first time a CFL team has got their hand greased by a NFL team to release a player.

From the man himself...........

Hi everyone

I know you have all been waiting for a comment from me re the situation in Winnipeg.

Prior to the Ottawa Renegade dispersal draft my agent and I received a letter from CFL Players' Association claiming all players not selected in the dispersal draft immediately were to become free agents.

After I was not selected in the dispersal draft my agent and I were considering other football options for 2006. Those other options did include the NFL as well as several other CFL teams.

Last week the Winnipeg Blue Bombers claimed me off waivers. A waiver list that my agent and I did not know existed.

Currently we are exploring options with the CFL and I am hoping that a decision will be made soon as to whether or not I will be playing for the Bombers this season or whether I will be declared a free agent.

The appeal my agent and I are working on is not a reflection in any way towards the Winnipeg organization.

I want to recognize and thank all the Winnipeg fans and supporters. I have gotten too many emails from all of you to respond individually however do know that I appreciate all your kind words. And for the record, the warmth of all the Winnipeg fans and new Hebert Head Hunters has made up for the colder weather!

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As I said in another post, he doesnt want to be in Winnipeg from the sounds of it. My guess is that one way or the other he wont be there come training camp. Its too bad, the CFL needs stars or potential stars to want to play in this league.

guess he hasnt been here this spring yet or heard how the weather is. Global warming is kicking in nicely.

...I am skeptical of the guy reporting if Friesen of the Wpg. Suns aricle is correct.......this could turn into a real mess for all concerned....Taman won't play games with guys who don't report...example...Bobo...Bell...of last year....he'll just let them sit...Bobos career is all but finished ...and Bell ...well Rickey is Rickey....still pouting....This better get resolved soon for all concerned...hopefully equitably....or nobody wins.. :?

LIfe in Winnipeg...

  • "Hey look, Keith Stokes is coming back. Alright!"

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  • "Hey look! Look! Karikari is a Bomber ! We'll kick ass and..."

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  • "Hey look! We've got Kyries Hebert ! What a steal! Yess!"

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The only reason GM's let people sit is because nobody else is willing to give up at least a draft choice for them.
Montreal did this for Ricky Bell but Bobo was probably deemed too old and not good enough to forfeit a draft choice for...and if the Cincinnati Bengals want Hebert bad enough Taman will make a deal for either cash or players to be named later (after the NFL cutdown) or both. Its called NFL/CFL co-operation, and good for Taman if he can get something out of what would have been nothing.

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Interesting thread, good info of what is going on in this guys case. Nice to see the NFL/CFL cooperation stuff.

.first of all ....who said Hebert was even going to make the nfl....secondly......the Bengals aren't about to do the Bombers or the CFL any favours...when have they in the past....Lets cut to the essence of the matter....The Winnipeg Blue Bombers HOLD a signed contract by ..one Kyries Hebert....a contract that can be re-worked to the benefit of both parties....IF that dosen't turn out to be the case...then the ramifications won't be very pleasant for Kyries....and to a lesser extent the Bombers...hopefully an equitable situation will be forth coming and that keeps everybody happy... :idea:

Maybe another case in sports where the player wants his cake and eat it too, always holding the cards, when in fact, he signed a contract that holds him under obligation in a legal sense.
Maybe it should be explained to every player that contracts are just that, if he doesn't want to sign a contract because he doesn't like the language, then don't sign, go back to flippin burgers and whatever, you have that right.

....Good luck with Keith there Third....hopefully he will have dropped the 30 + pounds he puts on in the off-season...failing that.....ALS. quote will be..oooh that weren't such a great pick-up

...Karikari likes the poutine better in Montreal...probably one of the main reasons he's not a Bomber....and ooooooh ..you can keep him

.....Kyries Hebert will probably have a change of heart....when all the smoke clears..........and yes .....oooooh.we will KEEP him lol ... :wink:

....Earl ...you have made the most sense yet ...its about time that players realize that a contract is a LEGAL bond....abuse that obligation at your own peril.. :!:I know where I would be if i walked away on mine....the same should apply to EVERYONE... :idea:

I'd say that'll be more of a problem for the Argos...

As for Karikari, if he picks another 9 balls this season, I'll have some poutine delivered to him right in the locker room.

But if your lifelong dream is to play in the NFL, and your past performances look good enough that they can grant you a tryout within a year or two with an NFL team, why Ã? why do you commit to a five years contract in the CFL in the first place? Maybe Hebert did not expect to have a tryout this year, but signing for five years GARANTEED him he would be too old to be invited in the NFL at the end of his contract.

just testing you...I really knew that Stokes was an Argo....yeah right blew that one...

.....I still think hes fat...

...maybe Karikari will be making a poutine run ...into the concession area where he can hide..especially when he plays the Peg....lol lol..

..this whole thing mystifies me...i agree third...if Hebert was willing and signed a 5 yr. deal in the cfl.... what changed....the only thing that could have... is the incident he had with his wife.....Maybe he is trying to work things out at home after that fiasco....and playing in Canada presents too great a distance to carry out their couples counselling....just a guess...Something tells me....all is not being told about this whole situation...leaving everybody confused..(especially me)...and wondering... :roll:


and if the ruling is that he has a contrct with the Bombers, and has to play for them right now, I wonder what will happen?

bottomline: he is a bad apple, we should cut him.