Looks like Rob Cote

Should be a lock for Canadian player of the week again.

Good job, Rob!

Do I sense sarcasm or are you serious? I think there was a handful of Canadians who had better weeks, and he really wasn't deserving of his last award.

Cam Wake for Prime Minister

Even Kahari Jones was promoting him during the game. Saying he was such a good "local" boy and what a story. But then you have to keep in mind there were some other Canadian who did good to. So unless Lumsden had 150 yards across the ground, I don't think he will qualify for Canadian of the week.

I will admit it is a feel good story, I read a big article on him after the Stamps first game that someone posted here.

Unfortunately players of the week shouldn't be handed out for feel good stories, but for what someone accomplishes on the field. If Rob Cote put up good enough numbers to be Canadian of the week, than congratulations will be in order to him.

I think it will end up going to Bauman who had around 80 yards receiving for the Ti-cats in his CFL debut though. A feel good story with statistics to back it up.

Agreed, Bauman for sure.

Guys......Rob Cote scored a td every time he touched
the ball. He's got to be the top candidate for
Canadian player of the week.