Looks like no Printers on Labour Day.

according to a tsn article Printers is still having some difficulties with his thumb and may not be ready for labour day.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=247620&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_main]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=247620& ... Story_main[/url]

We know that Williams is perfectly capable to lead this team! I would like to see Printers back but thats just the way it goes. I like how Williams is saying all the right things( above article) but you know inside hes licking his chops knowing that he could win the starting position!

Now thats bad news to me. But on this forum it just might be good news to some fans here.

It`s bad news to me, also, but, I know that Williams can do the job. I think there a lot of pro Williams fans on this site.

it is bad news, but no need to start freaking out, we have another QB thats perfectly capable of leading this team, thus one of the many advantages to having 2 good QB's.

any word on Lumsden?

Not good news but against the Argos who are self-destructing these days, it probably won't matter.

An Argo-Cat fan

Printers was out of line when in BC now he get to see what the incumbent has to go through while injured, time to drop the #1 #2 crap and put the team #1.

Bad news to have Casey still out, but I believe Ritchie can lead the team to a win. I’m just a little nervous about Ritchie getting injured being that we’re still a little thin at the third and fourth string backups.
AS long as it doesn’t come to that, we should be OK.
Go Cats

A valid worry endzone, but I think the blue team is in the same if not worse position, should Joseph go down.

According to my nephew who bumped into Jesse a couple of days ago, he says he's playing.

Onwards and upwards, I like Williams and think he can do the job. Yes, blue team is in a shambles and we need to stomp over them big time in this one which I think we will do.

i've never heard a more ridiculous and obvious statement. "we're a little thin at 3rd and 4th string qb." who the hell isn't? i think chang is better than barrick nealy(cgy) cody pickett(tor) or even steven jyles in sask.thats what this team needs is a better 4th string qb in case 3 others get hurt.

city legend

i hope the team isnt too confident about this upcoming game, just because weve beaten the blue team twice, and they are maybe worse than us, doesnt mean were gunna just destroy them again.

I think there are a lot of pro "put in the backup" fans, whomever the backup is. This town is hard on it's starting QB's.

Personally, I prefer a healthy Printers over a healthy Williams. I also prefer a healthy Williams over an injured Printers.

I like the confidence and exuberance that Ritchie brings to the table. I don't like the way he throws the ball sidearm, it really bothers me. I don't have any confidence at all that Ritchie can throw a good accurate deep ball, and in the CFL as a QB that has to be in your arsenal. Like Charlie said though...he just seems to get it done, unconventional for sure....as long as he is able to produce, it works for him. Long term I don't think his throwing style will get the job done.

Ritchie is a good short term fix, not a long term solution IMO. We need a healthy Printers if we are truly going to turn this around long term...this season and moving forward.

When your nephew bumped into him, did Jesse get hurt?

Sorry couldn't resist :twisted:

We'll do just fine without Printers, I actually prefer Williams because he's better against the blitz.


My Toe has a booboo :frowning:

My finger has a booboo :frowning:

My Hammy has a booboo :frowning:

My Shoulder has a booboo :frowning:

My Chicken Salad has some poopoo :frowning:

Im a Pro Printers and Williams fan. It doesnt matter to me who they put in.

Yes, Glovesave there are a lot of "put in backup" fans, as well as Pro Printers and Williams fans.

I`m not a big fan of Williams side arm either, but I think Williams is definately more reliable than Printers. Also, I think he has that intangible quality to produce points. Printers has the stronger arm. Honestly, so far Printers has been a lot like Lumsden. So far ,injured in his tenor in Hamilton.

I would like to see Printers healthy again, and to see how well he would do. He has the talent.

As far as Ritchie being a short term fix. I disagree. He could easily be the number one quarterback in Hamilton. I guess we`ll have to wait and see.

Remind me again how much this clown is getting paid again?
No, wait, never mind. I'm sure he's having no problem spending it.

Didn't care when he signed, care less now.

Bad news.

Printers throws tight bullets... Williams throws balls that wobble.

Williams did get the job done before though... so who knows.

Like I've always said... not sold on him as the "next one" but I really think he's a good backup.