Looks like Montreal might have solved its Left tackle issue


If the Als go for this player, I presume that they will have to forfeit their number 1 draft choice in 2019. Tough decision, since they have already traded their round 2 selection to Hamilton in 2019.



Nat. OL Tyler Johnstone was rated 31 out of 107 OT's for the 2016 NFL Draft,by NFL Draft Scout. Similar,although a left tackle, to Hunter,Rutherford,Godbar in 2018.

On November 8,2014 he had torn ACL on his right knee. OK in 2015. Spent 2016 season on injured roster of Los Angeles Chargers. Reason? Unknown to me.

Tough decision.


They could also make a deal : They could claim him with their first pick and then flip him in a pre-agreed deal to another team for a pair of picks for 2019. But the Als would have to claim him first using their 2019 pick.

With all the players hitting free agency in 2019, claiming a guy this year and signing him to a two or three year deal is a nice hedge. Als also have Jamieson and KC Bakker to develop behind him. If he's willing to sign a CFL contract, I think it is a no brainer.

From memory I cannot think of a supplemental draft pick that has been successful. I could be wrong. Anyone have a list from years gone by?

I remember a "can't miss" receiver for Winnipeg that missed. And a DB/LB that bombed.

What has this guy done to make anyone say he's the solution? Anyone watch Fourcalt play recently for the Lions? Horrid.

Who said this guy “is? the solution?

Because comparing Foucault to a 2 time All American 3 year Big School Starter makes sense.

WHAT? he's equal to foucault? LOL LOL LOL

Yup he had a good college career with one year as a second team All American.Was never drafted. Then sat out a year injured and then was an early NFL cut last year and he never made an NFL roster. Hasn’t played in two seasons.
Fourcalt did make a NFL roster for 2 years.

So the comparison is valid. At least a pro comparison.

He might be good tho. Could be.

And even if Kavis doesn't want to make a ratio switch. He can still claim him and monetize him into more draft picks, since he would speak last at the sup draft (Auction). Can't lose really. Winnipeg has two first rounder next year and are desperate for another Canadian starter. Hamilton has their first pick and two second rounder. so they may be interested in paying a first and second rounder next year.

2 Torn ACL's in college and then a Broken Foot in the NFL. Has not played in 2 years. A little undersized for his position.

Without seeing him workout recently and maybe evengiving him a physical, a team would be taking a risk ifthey aforgohigh draft pick.

I think they would definitely want to work him out. Seems to be in good health now, he's listed at 6,6" 312 the most recent info.

I believe it was everyman who noted that the supplemental drafts players do not generally work out. Ted Laurant is the only player I can think of that is still very productive, indeed he still is highly ranked. Since the Als will likely pick very high in the 2018 draft they might be in a position to select a better DT than the supplemental player now available.

Ted Laurent worked out pretty well for Eric Tillman.