Looks like Grigsby to make his debut against Edmonton

According to Drew Edwards,look for the team to move Nic Grigsby to the active roster later today and activate him for Fridays game. Edwards tweeted that Grigsby will be paired with Holley in the backfield as Woodson is injured. This game has just got a lot more interesting with this move :smiley: .

Drew Edwards@scratchingpost- 46 min
Expect #Ti-catsto add RB@Nic_Grigsby5to the active roster today.
Will be paired with Ray Holley. Canadian Anthony Woodson injured.

Yea another injury.

The Great Grigsby will certainly help, according to the forecast its going to be rainy and windy.

This makes perfect sense when considering that Grigsby's forte is running the ball, a quality that the Cats will require to mitigate Edmonton pressure. Although the Woodson injury may have required the move anyway, it is a good matchup strategy nonetheless.

Rainy and windy is not good news for the Cats air attack.

On the downside according to Drew it looks like Bakari Grant will be a no go for this game for the 2nd straight week. :cry:
On the upside though there appears to be a good chance that Craig Butler returns to the lineup. :smiley:

Drew Edwards@scratchingpost - 21
#Ticats receiver @ BGrant84not practicing
today , meaning it's unlikely he goes against #Esks. Safety @CButler28doing drills.

Its cliche but this game really will come down to turn overs.

And who has the better kicker. My money is on Money!

Injury and the weather.

I dont think your sentence about running to mitigate can be applied to the CFL. NFL absolutely!

Drew's most recent report on injuries, from 3DownNation following completion of practising for EDM, appears to shut down the chance of Butler making the trip:
"Notes: Ticats receiver Bakari Grant missed practice for a third straight day on Wednesday and is unlikely to play Friday versus Edmonton. Running back Anthony Woodson, defensive back Donald Washington and defensive end Arnaud Gascon-Nadon are also out. Safety Craig Butler is expected to miss a third straight game with a lower body injury."

Lets hope the lads are really up for this one because you can bet Ed will really what to beat our Cats. The key phrase will be "protect Zacharia". :thup: :cowboy:

Before the Woodson injury report, I thought there'd be a good chance of Grigsby playing instead of Holley, this game, because of the way EDM plays D. And, I disagree with ryan3434's comment on Stubber's "running to mitigate" statement. I think it works for this particular CFL game. If I disagreed with any part of it, it would be the word "require." The Cats may not "require" Grigsby's running but choosing to employ it certainly makes sense. It'll be interesting to see who is employed more often in this game -- Grigsby or Holley.

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There is no guarantee that Grigsby is going to dress. Austin has gambled several times in the past to only dress one running back. If Grigsby dresses, more than likely LB Caldwell will be the import sitting out. Depends on who the coaching staff feels is more important for this game.

I hope Austin isn't stupid enough to dress only one RB, again. We know what happened last time. How is a backup LB more important than (potentially) your starting RB? Have you seen how many back-up LBs we have on the depth chart? Having said that, we've seen how Austin has defied reason in the past. Look at all the LBs chosen in last year's draft.

Didn't seem to bother them too much in the home opener! :smiley: Could be whatever rain is forecast will end by the evening.

26 hrs. before game time, the Edmonton forecast, for Friday evening, isn't bad. Quite cool, compared to what we've experienced recently -- 12C dropping to 10C -- fairly windy-- NW(from left to right on TV) 25 km/hr dropping to 15 km/hr -- and the chance of rain throughout at 30%,

[url=http://assets.ticats.ca.s3.amazonaws.com/app/uploads/2015/08/20103641/Depth-Chart-Roster-08-21-15-vs-EDM.pdf]http://assets.ticats.ca.s3.amazonaws.co ... vs-EDM.pdf[/url]

Depth Chart Posted

as I posted in BC Thread They’ll could go with a Canadian WR

my guess it'll depend on the weather come game time . rain and wind. Grigsby should get lions share but again it wont be to mitigate the pressure defence. it'll be to move the chains.