Looks like Football in Ottawa in 2008


Sorry about the last Topic . I hope this works better . Ive never done this before .

looks like.. it always looks like... for example. 2005-06 looks like we r grey cup contenders this year boys n girls!.. self explanitory.

lets all cross our fingers for ottawa in 2008 :slight_smile:

Cross your fingers for what so they could get a team and fold in a couple of years, how many chances are they going to get? Let’s give a team to Halifax.

When I see it, I will believe it!

pretty much everyone on the CFL forum agrees....

no ROUGH RIDER name!!!!

Whatever they will be called, it will not work. They need a stable ownership group who realizes right from the get go that you will make NO MONEY! I think that's the problem with the CFL. They have these rich owners who want to make money and the CFL just lets them operate. A more careful selection process needs to be taken when searching for new owners. Take Toronto and Hamilton. Both cities are now sitting pretty for the time being.


Ottawa-(also Odawa, or Odaawaa), meaning "traders," are a Native American and First Nations people. Ottawa Traders ?

Yeah, business owners who want to make money...how dare they! :lol:

What a new CFL franchise needs are homeless bums that will accept spare change as owners. :cowboy: