Looks like father and son to me

Nah some like the women from the View and Oprah love the dinks .

Not gonna touch that one :slight_smile:

Really? You find they look alike?
A couple but not more than that

Did you watch Netflix's the crown?(season 5)
If what they say is true, my opinion of Chuck has improved....But not enough to keep the monarchy

if you talking about all the other comparisons, I found most did not look much alike. Less so than harry and charles

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Never watched it ....

But I am good with removing the monarchy asap .


create a new republic with stronger provincial and individual rights under a new constitution .

They forgot Dr. Evil and Mini Me.

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I figured the one on the left is either William or Harry. No idea who the one on the right is so I couldn't figure out what point OP was making.

you need to get out more :slight_smile:

Or some might say that those who are fascinated by royalty need to get out more. :slightly_smiling_face:

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that is just it. I am anti royalty, yet I still know who is who.

I am anti royalty as well. It’s a disgusting concept on every level. I’m not sure why you are promoting it if you are against it.

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because they exist whether we like it or not. Still something to talk about and have an opinion about different aspects.

Notice I never used any royal titles

Using titles is irrelevant. In my opinion they shouldn’t be promoted, just like mass shooters and serial killers.

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They exist because we allow them to exist

I mean they exist as people. Harry and Charles are fellow human beings and it means no more or less to talk about them, royalty or not

surely you are not comparing these two people to mass shooters and such

Royalty is worse than mass shooters. They have killed, raped, pillaged and stolen more than any mass shooter or serial killer. With their “blue blood” they make racists look like they are woke.

The two you pictured may not have personally done these things but they are still living off of the proceeds of crime, which is illegal in most countries. The Queen wasn’t one of the richest females in England because she earned it, but rather because her ancestors murdered for it and stole from the masses and felt they were entitled to do so. Today’s royals are representative of all that and more and as Ro says, we allow them to exist and I am not good with promoting them in any way. I’m also not big on inbreeding.

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you can make a lot of these comments about a large percentage of "old money".

People today should not be held accountable for those who came before them except in exceptional circumstances like issues to do with first nations. Even then, most can be sincerely apologized for but not all can be answered with retribution and even less with direct punishment.

We all need to look ahead and let past that cant be helped not limit our future.

You are comparing apples to oranges. Old money hasn’t pillaged entire nations and murdered indiscriminately like royalty has.

And if you think reparations should be made to First Nations then why shouldn’t they be made to the “subjects” of royalty. Just like first nations the subjects were there first if that is your standard.

The royal family didn’t earn over $6 billion. They stole it violently. A good start would be giving it back.

I know you aren’t supporting royal garbage intentionally to hurt others, but I think you may be somewhat ignorant as to the atrocities committed by royals everywhere, which includes the British. You may wish to familiarize yourself with that a little more.