Looks like Edmonton Esk have been papering their attendance

The Edmonton Esks though having the league leading average attendance year by year - have one of lowest
Gate receipts through tickest sales - only toronto seems to be lower . This leads us to believe that they have been papering their attendance with thousands of give away tickets per game - can their be another answer ?
In comparison the 2013 - gate recept total for ticket sales was just over 8.000.000 with a game average Of 32,000 fans that is 9x32,000 = 288,000 total yearly fans dived by 8 million = an average ticket price of 27.77 per ticket - that Does not compute - can you even buy a seat for $ 27 ? In their list of prices

In comparison the 2012 Sask riders drew 30,000 per game and their gate receipt was over 13,000,000 ( we will not use the 2013 year for the riders - they averaged over 37,000 per game because of add seating for grey cup )that is 270,000 fans dived by 13,000,000 = 48.15 a ticket or what most GM's or presidents of teams say what they are averaging in the $ 50 per ticket range .

The esks are way off they should have brought in $ 13,867 .200 if they had the same average as Sask. A whopping 5.8 million dollar short fall
What is happening ? The Esks are giving away approx 10, 000 seats per game - to minor football, military, comps, and instead of cash given to suppliers for services rendered - free tickets are given away - l
The Esks seem to have about 20,000 paying fans give or take a thousand or 2, either way .

It is interesting how many fans on this forum fall in love with the Esks total number of avg.attendance and think the Esks are flagship and high and mighty . No I think the Esks are neck deep in pride and will not admit they are at the bottom of the barrell in ticket sales $ in the cfl and ask for some,help . They are not suffering now but really the Esks could tarp off 40,000 seats in their stadium what is left over is about what they are selling per game anyway - Hey they would look just like Rogers center then- the comparison is closer to reality then one would like to think .

If the Esks can get 30,000 average in 2013 at $30 a ticket and still make a profit that's pretty good isn't it?
Didn't they only win 4 games in 2013 when they had the $8 million in ticket revenues?
Even if they do have thousands of "giveaways" the fans that do show up will spend another $50 on beer/food/souvenirs etc. Some other teams would love to have that problem. The Argos try to give away tickets but still can't get fans to get into the stadium.

[url=https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55-yard-line/eskimos-profits-soar-despite-diminishing-attendance-operating-revenues-234951398.html]https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-5 ... 51398.html[/url]

I thought there was something odd about the numbers when I read the Esks numbers too, but figured that there was a difference between face value of "average" ticket and average (mean) ticket price or something equally mundane. But the Riders' numbers make more sense. Any explanations? If I'm missing something obvious forgive me I haven't had my coffee yet.

I would worry about Montreal and Toronto before Edmonton !

Looks more like "pressbox" is a presumptuous im-poster starting threads slandering the Esks name by making ridiculous assumptions without any knowledge or research. What's your agenda pressbox? I realize it's the off-season but don't you have some blew jay to idolize? :thdn:


It is no different than what TFC does to get their fake sellouts.. They give the tickets away to their corporate partners and thus, the 8 million is actually more, but is included under sponsorships.. The big difference between the Esks and TFC is that people actually use their free tickets from the Esks.. People who get free corporate tickets from TFC cant even be bothered to go to the games.

I am sure they are fine. I know many disagree but, in a few years, we will have a nice increase from TSN and the teams will be that much closer to profitability before they sell a ticket. It is only a matter of time. Besides, we are a universe away from how things were in the 90's so...

Yep. Esks are getting bored with tampering their way to a team roster so now they're moving the valuable experience they have gained to other parts of the football operations. CHEATERS.

I don't think that Montreal has any problems. They did expand to 25K seats but suffered there worst season since coming from Baltimore.
Lowered seating to 24K in 2014 adding an open patio section.
Still did not sell 24K. The slow start again hampered attendance. Once they began the mid season turn around attendance was still over the old 20K plus old capacity plus the reno'd suites and club boxes are part of that as well. which all of that was not there before the reno's.
I could see them looking to reduce again and add a premium seat patio section to go with the open for all patio section.
Edmonton also opened up several premium seat options and upgraded those that were already in place. On top of the extra cost for those premium sections they also had corporate sponsor naming rights revenue for each of those sections.

Calgary as well had opened a specific patio section in the one end zone. The new field turf and 21st century LED screen as well as digital signage. As well just the start of expanding concourse in corners with more washroom and concessions. Looks as though the concourse room and additional washroom and concessions will be improved even more in the near future. The four corners of the stadium also now have a platform like what was done in the Saddledome for more space for fans.
It appears as the Flames LP will continue the improvements each year up to the point of when a major reno like in Ottawa or a new venue to be built.

[url=http://www.stampsfan.com/threads/mcmahon-stadium-improvements.3583/]www.stampsfan.com/threads/mcmahon-stadi ... ents.3583/[/url]

The city of Edmonton practically gives season tickets away to its employees.. its only about $ 90.00 or so per person and that includes the play off game...

What hole did you pull this from? $90? No.

Still not sure why there is any speculation that the ESKS are in any kind of financial trouble recent reno's and upgrades were made by the public and Esks organization themselves.
Lots of modern revenue streams are everywhere among CFL clubs. Although they still need attendance at games there is much more revenue coming in from corporate partners, local spinors, premium seating, new modern seats for the entire stadium

Commonwealth is an excellent stadium despite it being quite large and having a track around it, well at least built as such originally. It's football/soccer specific for all intents and purposes and the Esks are, of course, the primary tenant as well.