Looks like Chris Williams wants out of CFL

Give it up. He was offered 200k and he turned it down or didn't bother to even reply. He's young and stupid. 200k for the next two years is 400k or 270k more than his 48k this year and 80k NFLpractice roster salary next year if he does not make an NFL roster. He has three options. Play out his contract, Sit for a year or sign a new deal but he can't break his contract and no NFL team can sign him until Feb 2014. TC fans have been through a lot in the last 14 years, there is no way Bob Young can tear up the contract of their most popular player without hurting the franchise. That's the bottom line.

He set a cfL record for tds on returns.. He even botched one or he would have shattered the record.
Cam wake was the last CFL player to be this dominating... Cam Wake now earns the same amount of money as all three cfl teams player salaries in Eastern Canada.
Yes Cameron Wake just signed a 12 million dollar a year contract..... 5 million per year is guarenteed. Even if he gets hit by a bus tommorrow ,he will recieve 20 million dollars or money then the entire Western division will recieve next year. If he plays out his contract without getting cut, he will recieve 49 million dollars ,or what the entire CFL pays out to players in an entire season and a half.
if you are Chris Williams and you know that you are the most dominateing player to come out of the CFL since Cam Wake. Would an offer of 200K impress you?... Give me a break. If he can can get even 5% of what Cam Wake got... He'd be smart to sit out the whole season.

Do I need to mention that Cam Wake was even more desprate then chris williams and sat on his ass for a year... Yet Cam wake only needed to do two years.... Why does Chris Williams have to do 3?

um..because he signed a contract and anyone with any integrity honors their contract in full, no matter how much they might gain from breaking.

I really like williams, at least I did before this, but you need to get your head out of his butt. All he did is get one more return td to make a new record. That he botched another one is a strike against him, not for him. Look up the clf all time records. In no other stat would any of his numbers as receiver, returner, combined, be anywhere near the records listed, for game or for season. Dominating....my butt

If he wants out, let him out... Whoever heard of Chris Williams a couple of years ago? There will always be another hotshot coming along. If he thinks he can make the NFL then all the more power to him. A rude awakening awaits I think....but then I'm not his agent...

You are joking right? Teams can cut you any time they feel like it. Teams can trade you anywhere they feel like it!!!
You appear to be a Lions fan...Look how Wally (christian my ass!!!!!!) treats people like Clermont, and geroy. He treats them lke pieces of garbage!!! why should employees feel any sence of honor when pieces of crap like wally, will sell their own mothers to get an extra win... You want to talk about integrity and honor..GIVE ME A BREAk!!!!!! CFl players are treated like total crap and 95% have nothing to show for abusing their bodies and once their pathetic 3 and half year careers are done all they have to show for it is scars and maybe a few notches on their bedposts.
All the power in the world to guys like Williams or any cfl player that can actually pull himself out of poverty. Like I said...95% of the players who lay it on the line every week, never earn enough money to even be anything other then lower middle class, or straight up poor. Yeah, once in awhile, you get a Doug Brown, or a Geroy, but unless you are a starting QB, you are treated literally like a piece of meat. Take your honour and integrity and pay your bills with it ...lmao.

not much for loyalty anymore. His first NFL stint didn't last very long. Very possible if his NFL tryout was to happen and become another fail he may have burned some bridges. Could be in the Arena league. everyone who watches CFL with great interest knows the contract rules and what the minimum is. so of he and his agent where unaware I can feel no sympathy

If he cant crack the nfl this time, then his career is over anyways. Other then Jason Armstead, who lives a vagabond megre exsistance, what CFl kick returner(who never cracked an NFL line up) has stuck more then 5 years. Other then Armstead, you would have to go back along long ways to a nutbar named gizmo Williams or a motivational speaker like Pinball. .
These players do not have any reason to play in a forign country other then then the party favours they recieve. For the Tigercats to deprive Williams of a shot to get himself out of poverty, is not right. Even if he only has a 5% chance of actually making it in the NFL, it still better odds then he is up against right now. Say he says screw the NFL and signs a 400K contract with the Cats. What are the odds that he ever signs another substancial CFL contract? i'd say less then 25%. if he isn't outright gone from the league completely, like Esra Landry, or Bashir Levengston, then he becomes one of those journeymen kick returners that plays for peanuts and goes from team to team like Keith Stokes or Winston October, or Tristian jackson, or Jason(I have a gun) Armstead. The odds of Wiliams earning a decent living are much much more faint in the CFL then if he trys the NFL. Until the CFL pays decent wages or atleast makes some attempt to give it's players some form of stability, then it is wrong for the cfl to stop a man from providing for his famly.

Ah but you assume equality in NFL potential for Chris Williams as for Cam Wake!

At 5-9 155, his use in the NFL is limited as I explained below.


Chris Williams will NOT be a dominating player in the NFL for that matter even if some team were to use him in a role such as do the Chiefs for Dexter McCluster or the Bengals who just re-signed 5-7 180 Andrew Hawkins.

And no way he's as talented as a receiver as is Desean Jackson either!

The bottom line is that Chris Williams thinks he is worth more to the NFL than he is likely worth to the NFL.

Play out the contract and then test the waters and odds -- case closed.

$42K, and I have no idea where you get that figure, for six months of work is NOT poverty.

I doubt Williams has "double rent" and so forth as you assert. He's not rich by any means, but it's NOT poverty let alone the health care benefits available in Canada unlike in the US even with the higher taxes you pay.

There is no shortage of guys wanting to be in even that position who are struggling on far less, so to assert he is in poverty marginalises your argument and sympathy for him further.

Uh, have you ever heard of another small guy who beat the odds, and even had a stronger NFL offer, known as Chad Owens?

Seriously dude at least get your facts better in line if you are this high on sympathy and butt-kissing for Chris Williams!

Also he does not live in Vancouver or even in BC, so your cost of living analysis for yourself does not apply to him.

Amen! No one player is bigger than the leaf there just as no one player down here is bigger than the NFL shield.

Only the very top of the NFL elite get the extreme contracts with guaranteed money, and for the rest it is heavy negotiation based on good agency and facts unless you are a team with a history of terrible player management such as the Oakland Raiders, New York Jets, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills, and Washington Redskins amongst a few others.

LMAO ! Your comparing an undersized returner (one with maturity and possibly integrity issues) to a starting and dominating Defensive linesman ? Chris Williams will NEVER get a guaranteed seven figure multi-year contract in the NFL. NEVER.

And your comments about Wally Buono. Go ask Cameron Wake if he shares your view of Wally...

[b]At 5-9 155(lbs), his use in the NFL is limited as I explained below.[/b]
Williams is not 5'9 as listed. A friend and I met him personally for autographs last season, and he is closer to 5'7, (possibly even 5'6)

talented as heck, although quite diminutive in size.

and IIRC, a few journalists have also commented that the 5’9 listing was a generous figure.

But, but , but he's 5,9" with his cleats and helmet on 8)

On further inspection, it appears that the gear does give him a height advantage.
Good call HfxTC.

The same Chad Owens who luckily never got his face smashed in trying to earn a little extra dough... you mean that guy? I'm not kissing his butt.... It's just not fair that he has to do to three years and everyone else gets only 2 years... As for living cost in Vancouver... many things in vancouver are cheaper then anywhere else in Canada. We have so much illegal cash only businesses here that I honestly feel sometimes that it doesnt get any cheaper in canada then here... You can buy a medium pizza and a 2L pop for 7 dollars here... anywhere else in Canada and you are looking at double that price or more.All the indians go down to the states and rape the Costco and sell the stuff under the table here in their stores. it's like an underground third world economy here.

Maybe one of those west coast earthquakes will really make Vancouver and area underground. :wink:

Hey, not wishing that on any city to be honest.

[b]Mr. Bungle wrote: It's just not fair that he (Williams) has to do to three years and everyone else gets only 2 years.[/b]
Williams did not have to do three years. He could have easily signed for two, yet elected to sign for three instead. How is this "not fair?"

Williams preferred the longer contract which was certainly his prerogative to do so.

may I ask why you feel CW is not personally responsible for the signing of legal documents/contracts?
(which would be upheld in a court of law BTW)

yes, In hindight Williams made an error in judgement and should have signed the two year deal, although freely chose not to.
We all have to live with our choices. Even CW.