Looks like changes comming!

Ticat show on CHML lancaster was on and hinted that there would be changes comming in the next week or so, thank god! I didn't catch all of what lancaster said but know that he was hinting that changes are in the near future...also it seems like everyweek they say the same things, oh we don't know what the problem is but we know that we have to get better! what a bunch of BS

Ya right,what are they gonna do get rid of more good players and keep bad coaches..............this team is a joke...

I have no clue, could be a trade (maybe an O-lineman) could be a releasing/signing, could be a coach firing, who knows but sounds like something will happen

With good intelligent moves CFL teams can be turned around quickly.

There is short term immediate hope for the Cats if they have really good scouting in the NFL camps. The better NFL cuts are starting and a couple of O-linemen, a receiver and a DB would be nice. Even if they're brought in for a look-see for next season, it'd be a step in the right direction.

An Argo fan

Ya think maybe they waiting for certain NFL cuts?? (where is that dam fingers crossed icon anyhow)

I suppose the cats were in the same scenario last year. Out of contention and a chance to land some late NFL cuts, guys that could play. Hmmmmmmm, don't see any playing for us now. Will it be the same next year?

The problem with the Ticats is the CND talent and no NFL cuts are going to fix the problem.

As Daved Benefield said on the broadcast - make some changes on the 0-line and the offensive philosophy to take better advantage of Jason Maas's skill sets rather than forcing big plays. Lancaster should be working with Paopao on those changes.

Bring in some NFL cuts but don't blow up everything. Changing the HC didn't work so why panic further now.

That is in contradiction to Sean Millington who is living proof that just because you were a good football player it doesn't necessarily mean you understand what it takes to lead a team and produce a significant turnaround without his suggested total housecleaning. I think he left the fans and owner out, but he called out everyone else. What a complete fool.

I believe in Milligton's answer myself. Calling out the fans was CHML's response in the post game. I think they got the wrong target

Ted Said on 5th QRT Hill is Comming....


I think there are good Canadian players here. Its not just them. All the good players we have now just don't want to be part of Pao Pao's awful offensive scheme.

:rockin: GET THE AXE OUT ASAP :thup:

Get rid of the new logo .
Get back to hard ass defence if you get beat make them pay.
Send poo poo up stairs to spot .
Lancaster take over at OC .
Lets get your asses in gear and play
ti-cat football.
You can'T get to the playoffs this year but you can make sure anyone that you play knows dam well it was a war.
Thats the way I see it.

Ron dont like no NFL cut round here...Ron dont like no NFL cuts round here.

if lancaster is going to make changes, this team is in trouble.........
if bob young still has faith in this clown, then we are in bigger trouble......
no offensive line, plus a bad playbook makes for a long season.....
over half way through the 5 year plan and the team is going backwards, and showing zero signs of any accountability at all, from the top down.......
philisophically this team has changed for the worse - it's all "be nice", it started with the discussions around the age old chant "argos $***", it doesn't sound "nice", and just cause generations have grown up chanting it, and not all of us have turned into axe murderers has no bearing.
next it was changing the logo from a hard a$$ed, mean tiger into a "cute" kitty cat for the kids...
this attitude permeates the team, and the organization and it is evident EVERY time they take the field....
Sazio and Mosca would not tolerate this attitude.........don't think the fans will either..... mr young, get a football guy in here, or watch your investment sink cause i truly believe you only have weeks left to salvage this.....not the last 2 years of the "5 year plan"..

The team could be stuck with players and coaches who are underperforming, they allready have to pay Marshall till 2007, and building a team on nfl cuts is not good marketing in southern ontario- a couple cut,s who commit to staying here would be about it, , they have good talent, the coaches have to figure out how to use it, Maas seems to be messed up,maybe move Paopao out and let lancaster work with maas?