Looks like Bucks a go

...Barring some horrendous incident, like getting clipped below the knee in practice(hello leos in game one) it looks like Pierce will get the nod in Montreal...I guess his injury was not as bad as feared...I think we were playing it safe....Sooooo let's go Buck... :thup: We're not so lucky as far as Stephan goes ...Looks like the special teamer is done for the year...Hit from behind in the leos game...Lapo sending pics to the league office :x

I couldn't watch the game, just saw the 3 for 9 stat. How was he looking before the hit?

Pretty brutal but, so was everyone else on offence. Don't let Brinks stats fool you, he wasn't much better, a lot came in garbage time.

Well, January is a go for Friday. That can only help. Jason Vega also returning...if I remember correctly he had four sacks in two games against the ALS last season. Two things to watch in this game, IMO. Can our o-line give Buck enough time to execute? And, will the ALS line be able to keep AC upright? Should be another good game between these two clubs. :thup:

I'm looking for Crowton to get his head out of his butt this game, as he practically admitted in the press

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/and-the-good-news-is-161045455.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 45455.html[/url]

So, who would you guys prefer at Q.B. I'm thinking Buck is wearing out his welcome in the Peg. What's the word around there? Settle for a Buck and a quarter or bring in the armoured Brink(s) to "flush" everything out? :smiley:

I really don't think that a lot of fans are wanting Buck to be gone, i mean, perspective here man, The fact is 40 people post over on ourbombers, some of those same 40 post here and the same 40 post on bluebombers.com

The reality really is just because 40 people or so post consistently that they want buck gone, it doesnt mean the majority do. That's the thing about reading online forums and papers and things like that to gauge peoples opinions. The ultra negative crowd will always love the 2nd 3rd or 4th string qb's. It is what it is. But just cuz 40 people post that they want buck gone, it doesnt mean the majority do.

Really, our stadium seats 30,000 people. I'll be nice and lets say instead of 40 people its 100 or even 1000 (its not that much tho) but reality is 1000 (and thats certainly not the case, i mean its closer to 40 than 1000) people say "LETS GET RID OF HIM". WELL, what do the other 29,000 think.

These forums and the paper sites, they dont tell you the whole story. A lot of people who post on a lot of those forums, well, the bombers could go 18-0 win the east final, win the grey cup, go 17-0 to start the next year, lose game 18 and those people would be demanding change. You need to keep that in mind.

40 or 100 or 1000 people talking online, its closer to 40, but reality is they dont speak for the masses, they just speak for themselves and a lot of the times, its a well, its just a reactionary post.

It is what it is.

Bucks our starter until Brink or Elliot(who i like better) proves they are better. Brink had his chance against BC also, he really didnt do much, people look at stats too much and say oh buck was 3 of 9, yup.. he was but a lot of that time, he was running for his life, Brink finished with better numbers but.. he was forcing the ball in there..

BC should have had 3 int's atleast.. 4 even.

Brinks the backup for a reason, it's because he hasnt shown he is better than Pierce.

I think most fans know this, i just think sometimes, people just over react to 1 or 2 bad games.

The most popular guy on the football team is always the backup qb's until they get a chance and do nothing also, Then its the 3rd stringer, if he does nothing for 1 game or 1 quarter, people want the 4th string qb. It is what it is.

...going, going gone. Buck should be released so our other QBs can get more reps in practice.

We have other issues as well. Oline, penalties,coaching, special teams and a new OC ! This team is in trouble at the moment. Hopefully we have some bite at home this year and at least win a few games at home.

released is too much, cuz then people like u who are calling for his release, in like 2 weeks when the backups struggle, you'll be saying why did they release pierce. best to demote him to third string mentor type qb coach transition.

Releasing the guy outright would be real dumb..

Special teams hasn’t been a problem. There were issues in Friday’s games but two of our top ST players were out with injuries. Otherwise they played really well in the first two games.

What this team needs is to get healthy and stay healthy.

Special teams have been solid. 1 bad quarter doesnt really make them terrible, Oline? not sure, they seem to have started to gel a bit more, January sticking up for the “young guy” GREAVES shows the geling is starting to occur. On field aswell, for as little time as pierce has, guys like brink and elliot seem to have way more, perhaps they are quicker with the reads? NEW OC… i dunno, again the O outside of game 1 has indeed moved the ball, like, im not sure when your starting qb gets hurt in 2 of the 3 games, how much u can expect BRINK or Elliot to do when they get little to no reps all week.