looks like Banks is gonna be a big disapointment!

In your face!


Banks is on track to score 18 returns this season!

Actually 36, if you figure he's only played one half.

Looks like Banks continues to be overated!

He's on track to score 28.8 return touchdowns.

Such a bum, only two return TDs in two games this season...

Brandon scored on another punt return and against that Bomber fan's team!!

That makes it even sweeter.

His comment about our Mr. Banks was ridiculous then.

And laughable now.

Did you watch the CFL pre-game show? did you hear the comments about Banks from Climie and Stegal?

I missed it, who said Banks was going to be a disappointment?

No. I was out until after the game started.

My comment wasn't directed at anything they said. I was about the silly reference to Brandon Banks by that BB fan.

The both didn't give Banks much credit, I don't think they used the word "overrated" but that's what they were getting at....... :roll:

Which is why I don’t give much credence to their comments. They have their biases and it shows every time they open their mouths.

In any case, Brandon proved them wrong and why he is THAT GOOD!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: how anyone can not see Speedy B as anything but special is beyond me.

so far that's NOT true, but it IS early.

Return TDs:

Banks, 2

Rest of CFL, 0

After Banks scored on his team, that Bombers Blogger will probably acknowledge that he was uncharitable in his pre-season prediction, and that Banks is not actually overrated.


Or ... not.

At least he did acknowledge that his own team stinks.

Or he could deny it ...and look like a fool twice!!!

I figure he'll slow down. I predict he doesn't get a return TD in week 3.

Coffee... out... of... my... nose...