Looks like Arkells for Grey Cup

Not surprising, was hoping for a more inspired choice personally.

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How so? They are a hometown rock band. Did you want another Australian country performer that doesn't have a clue about gridiron football?


At least the third-quarter interview will be with someone who has seen a game before.


I like how you assume that because im not a big Arkells fan, I must be a Keith Urban fan....no possibilites in between whatsoever.

They're just the expected choice, the easy one I'd say, and extremely overrated.

To each their own, I get they have a wide appeal, but something else would have been nice is all.

Anyone remember who the halftime entertainment was the last time the Cup was here in 96. No Googling :grinning:

No need to google here as I was there .

In one of the most crappiest (if not the crappiest) half-time shows of all time we had the Nylons . A virtual barber shop quartet singing acapella in their silly suits literally freezing their arses off in the artic air , wind and snow . Truly a show to forget in more ways than one , believe me .

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The next year featured Trooper, so I don't know what was worse... Lol

I am not making any assumptions at all. Last GC was a joke.

Since you are complaining, why not make a suggestion? Who knows, we might find a new artist to follow.


Well at least Trooper "Raised a little Hell" ( I was such a big fan that I honestly thought that April Wine wrote and recorded that song ) :laughing:

Here ya go for everybody who might've missed it or perhaps have forgotten about it , or like me thought this was an April Wine song . :rofl:


The reason Trooper sounded like April Wine was because their album for that song was produced by Randy Bachman. Bachman has great ear for sound. Miking the sound of guitars and drums is a lost art. He knows how to get the best sound quality out of a guitar

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The award goes to 1992. Emerging superstar Celine Dion , who was supposed to ascend the Skydome in a hot air balloon, bails on event at a last minute. Replaced by the electrifying Dan Hill. No balloon.

What's wrong with Dan Hill? The man was a great songwriter. You'll never get Celine doing a halftime show unless it came with a casino residency. And I respect Celine's talent

I was crying in the stands when he sang "Sometimes When We Touch". A very emotional moment.

Why do I remember it being "The Guess Who"?

Do you think a mellow, musical middle of the road type balladeer is a good fit for a GC half time show ?

We all did. I still do when I think of what I paid for that weekend. Has to be the most sterile, emotionless, forgettable GC ever.

For sure. I went to Toronto to stay at my sister's place so I could partake in the Grey Cup festivities except there were none. No signage or anything. You would have had no idea the Grey Cup game was going on that weekend. I ended up heading home that Friday night and only went back on Sunday for the game.

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Dave does your casino have entertainment?

Burton Cummings played the 1991 Grey Cup in Winnipeg
The Guess Who played the 2000 Grey Cup in Calgary
Bachman & Turner played the 2010 Grey Cup in Edmonton

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there was no question who it was going to be.

every post I've made on the subject was it's going to be Arkells.

Only difference would be if Arkells turned it down. They are getting very big, and Grey Cup performance would be done more like a charity - their allegiance and history to the City.

I'm glad they accepted it.

They were the perfect choice.