Looks like a cold one????//

...With the temp. dropping below 0 it's going to be frigid conditions...I hope our guys get used to clutching on to that brick that's supposed to be a football...Some teams play tougher when the elements dictate adjustment...sooooo here's hoping we adjust better than the Cats....Running game will definitely be a factor and i feel really good in having Garrett carrying the rock...Another factor to consider would be who is the better qb. in the cold....Remembering how Glenn played in it... :thdn: ..advantage Buck because he has slugged it out in our wintery conditions ...I hope he remembers just how cold it gets :wink: :lol:GoBombers :rockin:

Unless field is skating rink, cold weather shouldn't be much of a problem. Today's teams are probably better prepared than some teams in the past. Snow and rain don't matter much too. However hurricane wind is toughest for passing and kicking.

…a big wind with that temp…now you’re talking COLD :wink:

The wind is supposed to be fairly calm on sunday,with a Temp of -9! The biggest dilemma is what kind of Rye to purchase!?

Sunday's gonna feel like summer compared to some November games I've been to. There have been -30C games, not even including the wind. -15 with a light wind is peanuts.
But then again I'm from here, hopefully the Cats don't think -15 is nice!

This will be the coldest game in a long time ,we have lucked out with weather in playoff games over the last 20 years. The last really cold game was against the Eskimos when they had to shorten tthe field and that was at least 25 years ago. - 10 isn't even all that bad. ( THEY SHOULD BE THROWIN 5 STAR IN THE CROWD) Last game, they owe us a drink after suppporting this team through thick and thin!

Good to hear from you ,Kasps. GO BOMBERS GO!!!!!

not nearly as cold or windy as the announcers made it out to be, thats for sure but then again ive lived here my whole life so maybe i just.. i dunnno, quite a few plus 3's as highs in the coming week... if we had mountains here, i believe this is what would be referred to as a chinook cuz 4 days ago.. there was no snow and -9. and in 4 days from now.. that snow will be gone.

My feet were cold but other than I was quite toasty. The people beside us brought styrofoam for putting on the concrete under their feet ... that's a Great Idea !! Going to have to remember that one.

Best part of the victory is shutting up the Hamilton trolls!

Somebody by us did that too. Really a smart idea. I was cold waiting for the game to start, but plenty warm once it started...