Looks good on ya, Du F all (known to you as Duval!)

Nice to see Du F all come up big for you by missing that field goal. Nice to see the bad karma bite him in the a** after waving bye bye to the Argos last week. What was with Jim Popp and those glasses? Good thing he didn't challenge that Edwards fumble. My goodness, they might've gotten the ball back and maybe scored a TD to make it a close game. Even Nelly Furtado would've figured that out.

Ah well, tabernac, eh? Merde! Calisse, est'y! Bonne chance da next time dere. Vas te fais foutre, Galouette fans!! English Canada rules! :stuck_out_tongue:

LIONS Rule 06 Champs, woooooooooooo ROAR YOU LIONS ROAR!!!

It was a 47 yarder
Are you not over the loss from last week yet?

Those grapes must be real sour!!!

Just GETTING to the Grey Cup is an amazing accomplishment. Duval has every right to hold his head high - even after the loss. The same goes for the entire Alouettes team.

Congratulations to the Lions for a job well done - but that takes absolutely nothing away from how proud I am of the Als for their efforts. It hurt to see the Als lose - but... that's a part of football too. They WILL be back!

Our boys left it on the field last night, but the loss was typical of our season: horrendous start, too many penalties, turnovers at the wrong times, dropped balls. Our defence was the only reason the score was respectable. As much as I respect Jim Popp, I have to question his managing skills this year because this is the poorest group of receivers I've seen wearing Als uniforms in a long time. The contrast between BC's receivers and ours was painfully evident last night -- they're bigger, stronger, faster, more skilled, with better hands, and willing to pay the price to make the tough catches (Paris Jackson, anyone?). Apart from Cahoon, no one is willing to make the play when it counts.

Couldn't have said it better, discipline, you are bang on. While I think the Lions are superior to us in every facet of the game, the difference in quality of the respective receiving corps was glaring. Hope Stala gets returned to the first string next year; couldn't hurt.

I should also point out there that Du F All also shanked that 28 yard punt that led to Smart's TD. Wasn't too smart to cut him now, was it? Hamilton could've given the Lions a better game than that.

Man, get out of the Als forum. You have no class.

Funny how a fan of a team that losts the eastern final 2 years in a row finds it fit to dump on the team that they lost too

And he also put the lions in terrible position with a flawless coffin corner punt, as well as get of deep kicks despite the snap being way too high but if you feel like picking on a guy that had the best field goal accuracy this year that is also a very strong punter because he taunted your team (justifiably too seeing as that field goal did in fact end the game for the argos) you should take a long hard look at how prefontaine missed kicks inside the 30 that duval never missed this year or that blown kick in the east final that got returned to argos territory.

When youre the best you have every right to taunt since you can back it up

Whoopee that Du F All had the one good punt. He only cost them dix (that's 10 pour vos anglais phones!) points with his missed field goal and his booming 28 yard punt. Ton garcon choked for you in the biggest game of the year, deal with it! Enjoy the off-season, mes amies! How's that humble pie tasting now, Du F All and Galouette fans!!


kinda living in the past arient ya?

Bottom line is that if you want to talk about choking. Lets talk about your argos in the seasons last game and the eastern final. 2 chances to win and the Argos blew it bout times.......

Thats choking!

OT here:

We had some Arg'"HOES" cheerleaders on the bus with us, coming back from Grey Cup to our hotel, and they were bragging about there 2004 victory..1 BC fan shouted at them to shut up and live in the present..

You should have seen the look on there face...priceless....

I also lived in the past 1 minute for them when they were "bashing" the Al's after the GC game, just by naming Eric Lapointe and 2005 East Final...they shut up until we got out of the bus...lol

Yup, it still looks like very sour grapes for some Arg'"HOES" fan !

Why is this troll argos2004 allowed to bash us in our own forum? Loser. Your fellow Argo fans are probably ashamed of you.

What's to be remembered is that Duval was roughed up and bashed from the back by the Argos over the years he's been here. Once, when he tried to defend himself, after an Argo slugged him in the head during a punt return, he was thrown out of the game.
If he was gloating after that field goal, I understand why.
Meanwhile, take a look at that troll's moniker—argo2004. Why don't we all change our names to Als20002002200320052006? That's how many times they have been to the Cup game, you Hogtown hick!

At least when the Argos get to the Grey Cup, they actually take the time to win it instead of losing every other year except for one, which you all know was a complete fluke!! You Galouette fans try hard but you’re a waste of time, skin, bones, space, and oxygen and you speak the wrong language.

As for Du F All getting hit, it may have escaped you panty waists that football is a physical sport. Du F All would cry if he breaks a nail. Maybe he should take his purse out on the field and use it to hit anyone who comes close to him.

Yet you choose to cry because he waved bye bye!!!!

Maybe the Als lost but at least they are in the cup! Unlike the Argos who choke ever year in the eastern final!

You are an (edit). Tu es un (éditez)!