Looks good Clark will be staying

The play of McDonald and Robede seems that they can hang on to the talented Clark. Labjino may join the Stamps in the coming weeks.

I always liked Brian Clarke, even when he was with the Bombers. He always seemed to bring his "A" game. I would be confused to see him released from the Stamps.

This is one of those double edged sword things. Clarke has definately earned the starting spot but because he is an import filling a spot that was filled by a Canadian last year, means that the Stamps will now have to make another tough decission. Which import spot will be axed to make room for Clarke?

...I'm going out on a limb here because I haven't done my homework before opening my big fat yap but I beleive the answer to your question esky (which import spot will be axed to make room for Clarke?) is: Left DE....if... Robede is shifted to an outside position and lines up next to Chevrier then we can drop Phillips from the MLB position and play Clarke...

ain't the ratio a beotch ?

Not really Robede has earned it has he not. He has played well.