Looks at Punter position

Recently it was stated the BB's were looking for a punter. I posted on Edmontons website earlier about Chris Hicks from Samford. I have also heard that Winnipeg is interested in the kid as well. I talked to Chris yesterday and he stated that he has worked out for both teams and had fair workouts with both. He didn't know where he stood with either team the BB's or the Esks. I was just wondering what you guys thought. Here are some of his stats.

2003-True Freshman
Came in mid way through the season it says on their web site.
25 punts for a 42.0 yard average. 1 touchback and 11 inside the twenty.

2004- Sophomore
63 punts for a 42.1 yard average. 5 touchbacks and 26 inside the twenty.

2005- Junior
62 punts 38.2 yard average 2 touchbacks 19 inside the twenty.

2006- Senior
60 punts 42.2 yard average 5 touchbacks 17 inside the twenty.

Honorable mention ALL-American 2006
ALL-Conference 2006
Named special teams player of the year 2006,2004,2003

We absolutely need a young Punter in the Peg, Troy is not getting any younger .... but than again , look at Bobby Cameron .... we'll see

The Blue need a young NI Kicker/Punter.

But you never know what will happen, the Bombers have atleast a backup Kicker(and/or punter) now in I beleive Fulguras(a Fullback)
He'll probably get to kick a few in TC, probably the first game too.