Looking to trade

I'm looking to trade my endzone seat. You see i'm the only one of my family/friends that has season tickets so when they went to purchase theirs today they could only get a bunch of seats lined up further away. So i'm looking to trade this ticket for one near them so I can sit with them. I have a Section 18 row 2 seat 6 and am looking for a Section 18 row 12 and anything around the seats 15,16,17, and 18. Even row 13 or 11 in that area would be awesome. Please contact me through private message, thanks very much.

Bump. Could really use that ticket guys, help me out :smiley:

Why don't you ask the Cats if they can hook you up with a closer single seat? Just trade it for the one you have for the season. I have heard of them doing things like that for people that want to sit together.

just squeeze in with them no big deal

LOL I knew I got my ticket in sec. 18 so I decided to take a look at it and see if I could be of any assistance when in fact I couldnt be farther from. I have sec 18 row 2 seat 7 LOL TOO MUCH