Looking to split 2016 Season ticket

Looking for someone to split a ticats Season ticket
I get Games to July Aug + Labor Day classic
You’ll get Games 1 Game in Aug Then Sept. (No Labor Day That Game is mine )OCT NOV(Playoffs)
285.00 is cost of the split .
I will Give up 1 Game in Aug as I am going to Detroit For Lions Training Camp.
Seat is in Sec 204 Row 19 Seat 10

If it wasn't in the uppers I would have helped out. I can't be seen up there with the "common" folk I have an image to protect :wink:

and than you said your giving up a game to go see the Lions training camp......dude really!

Ahh Ryan, you're a legend in your own mind!!!! :smiley: :smiley: