Looking to Repeat: Keys to success for Fajardo, Riders offence

CFL.ca will be previewing the 2021 season, breaking down special teams, defence and offence for all nine teams as they get set to hit the field.

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Very good analysis. You covered all the points, including the possible problems ie. OL. Teams tend to carry 6 or 7 OL into games & the Riders will have 5 new guys this year. It takes a while to gel. Beyond that the matter of Maas maybe passing as much as 100 times more is going to cause Fajardo problems. In 2019 a veteran Rider OL allowed the 4th most sacks in the West, despite having the 2nd least dropbacks in the CFL. They are going to have to be a lot better at pass protection this year. Maas also had Burris, Reilly & Harris as QB's as an OC as well as a good crop of veteran receivers in his prior stints. Not the same this year. Evans, Moore & Williams-Lambert have 83 CFL appearances. ALL the import receivers currently on the roster have ONE more appearance. For comparsion, Greg Ellingson has 107. Considering the receiving class was the largest in free agency I would have expected the team to pick up 1 or 2 experienced veterans. They lost Roosevelt, who took up 22% of the total targets & Arcenaux, Watson & Thigpen took up another 21%. The 3 import spots will likely be filled with players having zero CFL experience based upon the current roster. I like Fajardo & would like to see him do well but all the hype is probably unfair to him. Coaches have a good book on him & I can see him getting lots of pressure to induce him to run - exactly what Maas & Dickenson have said they don't want. Keep in mind Reilly ran a lot in 2013-2015 & suffered serious injuries in the latter 2 years. When Maas took him on, he purposely wanted him to run less. This will be a challenge considering the changes on the OL & the lack of veterans in the receiving corps.