Looking ssssoooo forward to the new CFL season!

Jennings, our new QB looks like a star in the making. Lulay will be his mentor and when needed will step in on a moment's notice. Maybe they should rotate these two.

Elimimian is back on defence. This guy is like a wolverine. And he will be teaming up with Bighill! I would not want to be on the field with these guys chasing me down. No siree!

And Wally Buono is back at that helm! Stability, experience, smarts and a guy who can show compassion and empathy but still give a guy a swift kick in the rear if he's not going to be a team player.

Wally can relate to any age level. He is a no nonsense guy and can take ownership for his mistakes. It is going to be great seeing Wally down on the field coaching again. It will be great seeing some of the familiar faces coming back to play.

Man I hope the Lions dominate this year!

Right there with you! Hopefully #14 can remain injury free and get his full wheels back. And also, Jennings (who reminds me of the 2010 Lulay) I hope he gets a chance to really shine and be fully utilized this year. Wally? Well I think you covered him pretty good.

Really enjoyed CFL Talk tonight on TSN before the first pre season game against the Riders.

Roar Lions 2016.

Je crois que Jennings est le meilleur prospect chez les jeunes quarts-arrières qui ont fait leur entrée en scène l'an dernier. Il a toutes les dispositions pour devenir un très bon quart.

Cela dit, j'ai plus de réserves à propos de Khari Jones. Ce dernier est un bon entraîneur de quarts-arrières, mais je n'ai jamais été impressionné par les attaques qu'il a conçues ou dirigées. Je ne sais pas s'il aura autant de succès avec Jennings entre les mains que Cortez en a eu à le faire progresser l'an dernier, avec l'aide de Jones, bien sûr.

La brigade de receveurs m'a semblée assez bonne, et elle devrait s'améliorer. Par contre, je suis plus songeur à propos de la ligne offensive. Cette dernière ne me semble pas suffisamment aguerrie et il y aura beaucoup de travail à faire en cours de saison pour qu'elle gagne en cohésion.

Bonne saison à tous!

The Lions' offensive lie has been an issue for the past several years. Time and again the Lion's QB ends up running for his life because the guys supposedly trying to protect him while he's in the pocket end up getting steam rolled over or called for holding. Time and again the Lion's QB ends up eating turf because he never got the protection he needed to allow the play to develop.

And as for the running game? Andrew Harris is a very good running back but so many times he would get stuffed for zero gain or very little gain. Cornish who plays for Calgary had big holes to run through which I think is why he looked so good. Not that he isn't a good player but his line helped him look even better. Those holes were created by the offensive line. The Lions were inept most of the time.

I don't know why it is taking the Lions so long to put together a capable offensive line. If Wally hopes to protect Jennings his rising star QB he better have a good O-line to work with this year.

after two seasons, no o-line improvement, sigh

And I for one would like to know why there has been no improvement. Lack of talent out there to bring in? Is it that the coaches see more pressing needs?

For sure a let down.
Had a great east road trip at the start, then just went downhill.

All that talent. I had them pegged for second.
They never figured out how to use a major threat like Chris Williams.

I agree on the O-Line. Very poor IMO.

Yes, I hope the dominate.
It makes my 3 trips out to Vancouver every year much more fun when they win.

It will be tough, as the West looks stronger with both improvements in SSK and WPG.

BTW, I am not a Stamps traitor.

I have been a Lions fan since I was 4 years old. ( 1967 )
" I like the team with the cute kitty on their head " again, I was 4 OK.

I also became a Stamps fan when my dad started taking me to live games ( 1972 ).

Shocked at the backlash I got early this season.

That's ok.

I regret and retract nothing.


I wouldn't worry about any "backlash" brindhind88. Whatever backlash you got was probably all for show. Sometimes the testosterone levels get out of hand.

Most of us have our favorite bestest team that we cheer on but hey, we're all CFLers and I'm sure we have other teams that we like too.

Thanks Beagle.

To many go out of the way just to start an argument.

I am fine with it. I have broad shoulders and thick skin.

Funny thing is, you would be amazed at how many loyal " Stamps " fans there are that show up
wearing green when some other team is in town.

Watch on tv ( Riders @ Stamps ) and look at all the green. Those are not bus loads from Regina.
Those are Calgarians .

Yet I declare my Lion love, and get darts shot at me.

Yep. That's the way some people are brihind88. Whether it's green or red, they're wearing it doesn't matter.... it's Christmas. Here, have a candy cane.

Pssst....notice the "red" and the "green". Who can possibly complain? Hand these out the next time you are in McMahon and the Riders are playing Hehehe

...you got darts flung your way for the over the top opinions of stampeder players and coaches you decided to publicly air, not because you like two teams...

Like I said before.

I regret nothing and retract nothing.
Meant every word. I actually edited out some stuff I typed.

I am used and expect Stamps to show better class.
That has diminished in the last couple of years and has gotten worse.

Josh Bell is a FA, and I hope he is gone.
Over rated and gets beat way to many times.

Also it did have something to do with the team, as I posted something about " we " as in Stamps in the Grey Cup.

I got the " what do you mean WE, you are a Lions fan "
Silly childish talk IMO.

Also, in the many years and many Stamps games I have gone to I have never BOOED the team like so many others.
Therefore we can get off my back, about my perceived disloyalty.

BTW, way to take it off topic MOD.

...totally not off topic at all BRI, you brought the subject up, not me....

yup...gotta bring your whips with you when you come into the lions den

Nice addition with Brandon Rutley.

Seems Mr Hervey is showing interest in his work.

Lions run game suffered in 2017. Missed Anthony Allen imo. And then everything else pretty well went south. Seems they could be getting back on track and appear serious at this point.

Maybe only 3 playoff spots in the west this year will make it interesting.

Agreed. The Lions have only direction to go..... UP!

Not sure about Rutley...but I do think they missed Allen or at least the rotating back approach they had the previous year. Those two backs ran HARD in each game they had. Plus they had an awkward QB year and really missed JO on the O-Line.
I think they bounce back and win the West this year.

As far as the O-line goes, I hope the best for Cody Husband.

IMO, he was their best guy on the line.

That was a real bad injury in the last game of the year.

Hope he can play in 2018.


So BC will be taking one playoff spot. Two left

Not sure. But again I think only one will be out of playoffs with the playoffs. Tempted to say Winnipeg will be out this year.