Looking more like Marshall?????

....Rick Campbell has been given his walking papers...or about to be given...according to the Free Press....Marshall and Campbell DID NOT see eye to eye in the past when with the esks....also according to the paper ....IF this is true.????are we readying ourselves for Greg Marshall as the new head-coach of the Wpg. Blue Bombers...hmmmmmmm the signs are pointing there....I don't want to second-guess Mack....and i hope he does have thorough interviews with other candidates....but if the freep is right.....the cats could be looking for a new d coach shortly???? :roll:

...on another note: Mack has been quoted as saying the 'new coach' will want his own lieutenants...how many other staffers will be given the gate...????hold on to your hats... :roll: :roll:

Campbell leaving would cause me to lose no sleep. Nelson, however, would be a different matter entirely.

…agree MadJack…I liked Nelsons defence…one positive of 09…IF, and its a big if, Marshall is the next head coach in the Peg…do you think that will have a negative effect, in retaining Nelson//////??? Was the fact, that Nelson was a Kelly hire, have any bearing on him still be on the Bombers payroll… :roll:

As a defensive minded coach, I would expect that Marshall should be able to recognize the good job Nelson did last season, and not hold it against him that he was a Kelly hire. . . that's my hope, anyway.

So, being the huge Greg Marshall fan that you are (as I recall) you must be ecstatic!! All you need now is for the first order of business of the new HC to be solidifying the QB position. By bringing Kevin Glenn with him. I hope if that happens people keep you away from sharp objects.........

The Bombers are putting a gun to their own heads. By broadcasting that they basically want Marshall without even calling him for an interview (which they haven't yet), he can jack up his price. After all, the Argos may want him too.

Take them to the cleaners, Greg.

......Marshall is an ex coach of the Bombers.....wasn't a great fan of his defences....Can he be a better coach if he returns....i guess we might find out if hired....Right now his chances are as good as the other candidates... :wink:

...as for Glenn....you still carrying that ol torch for your departed buddy arius...lol lol....Lets just say i'm sure glad he is where he is.....We're all better off...... :lol: :lol:

.....IF Marshall interviews well....and he gets hired....i think he'll be compensated as any other coach would be...I'm pretty sure he would be making more than the cats will pay him.... :lol: ...that should do it... :wink:

I wouldnt mind Greg Marshall in the least... as long as they are smart enough to make an offer for Mcpherson

and land a good reciever, corner and some O-lineman

then ill be ecstatic

Its not the coach's job to make trades. Ironicaly Murphy was rumored to be trying his hardest to goat Jim Popp in to trading him McPherson when he was fired.

I'm quite ok with Marshall...so long as he leaves the defense to Nelson...

On the plus side...Cortez was mentioned as still being in the running in the Sun today...for awhile there I thought they had left him out of the running...

Cortez would still be my first choice.

But my first choice is not the basis for the decision that the team has to make. . .

Someone offered a swiss cheese on Rye for AM,they are thinking about it???

The Bombers can perhaps sign FA's Watkins (WR) and Gagne-Marcoux (OL) and Parker (DB), they will fill some big holes. But these FA's will be in demand, and the Bombers are over the cap. Mack will have to chop salary somewhere else to even have a shot at these FA's (creating more holes). Plus, if you are hoping to trade for Macpherson, you will probably have to give up at least one starter, which creates another hole that Mack will have to fill via FA.

We were apparently over the cap for 2009...that doesn't necessarily mean we're over the cap now. Remember that holes can also be filled via scouting...especially receivers and DBs...so don't lose too much sleep over all the holes you think we have.

so apparently we are over the cap but can someone tell me how? to my understanding coaches salaries don't go towards the cap so the team will go into debt eatting all those salaries, but who are the star players that are getting paid rediculous amounts of money... We got rid of Glenn which was 300k and replaced him with 2 QB's at 150 or lower (bishop/lefors) we got rid of Dinwiddie 150-200k QB. I am just puzzled at how we could be over for this year but as for last year we made terrible moves by letting players collect bonuses and releasing them shortly after.

I dunno...it's all speculation at this point...

I am aware that it is not the coaches job... I dont think I said it was, I said They, as in Mack and Ross. I should have been more clear on that and I apologize

I just hope that they continue to try and land him despite there not being any Murphy.

I definatly agree that we need to try and land those guys. The in my opinion would really go a long way into making this team a contender

However, you need to be informed that the only reason that we were over the cap last season is because Mike Kelly kept signing guys with large bonuses then cutting them aftrward

for example, Levarious Giles, Derrick Armstrong etc.

Did Mike Kelly sign Armstrong to a contract??? I don't recall. Also, the only way Giles' contract/cutting would really have affected the SMS, I think, would be if he was handed a big bonus. IIRC, once a player is cut (depending on his status, in this case Giles was a rookie), only the salary he already received would count...