Looking like Tate will start for Calgary vs the Riders

Dave Naylor has twitted that Tate has been taking the First team reps at the first practice this week.

Now ya it's early but it's looking as if Hufnagel is going to give Tate his chance! I think Huf is finally at his wits end with Burris and his days are numbered.

...Marty York twittered:

"Burris and Reynolds to Winnipeg for their new stadium"

Burris is no spring chicken. He has been around pro grid iron for a long time. It might be time for burris to leave his career on a relitively high note, get into coaching. I relaize he is no Brett Farve... But i would hope he does not take that same route... I feel jason Mass had a nice exit from the league. i would like to see henry do something like that. too bad tate is starting to the riders. I would rather we get to see what he looks like against a pro football team.

as it is Marty York it should be obvious, but we don't want either

good choice though. Tate is solid. Burris is getting old

Ya I received a twit where Huf has confirmed that most likely Tate will INDEED start vs the Riders.

Here is an article from the Sun confirming Tate will start:

[url=http://www.calgarysun.com/2011/10/17/burris-benched-tate-to-start-against-saskatchewan]http://www.calgarysun.com/2011/10/17/bu ... skatchewan[/url]

I must confess that I didn't think Huff had the stones to do it. I have watched Tate play the last 3 minutes a few times and get the chance to hand the ball off to kill the clock. FInally Tate is getting some real reps.

...i was joking

....AND it looks like 'bad Frank' has surfaced again resulting in the change....I like this kid Tate...He reads the defence well and he's a great scrambler...AND to go along with a good arm methinks Burris is in trouble...Henry better get the persona 'good Hank' back or he may be off to the Big Smoke :wink: :roll:

I am not surprised. Tate used the opportunity awarded to him by Burris bad streak and took the job over, that's how it is done. Now he needs to hang on to it... Should be fun to watch.

Or modelling lingerie? :lol:

No way just cflsthebest trying to stir the pot. Burris will start . Tate is a good QB but if teams can prepare for him he will not be as successful. I think Huf is just playing games. How do you think the rest of the team and Burris will feel if he sits

Huffnagel took time to explain to the fanbase why he was starting Tate. That's not enough for you ?

Nope only when I see him take the first snap. Can't see them doing that to Burris unless their is an injury.

So when the coach has Tate take the first team reps, then goes to the newspaper and gives a speech about why Tate is starting... he's just playing games?

How do you think the team will feel if he pulls a stunt like that and then starts Burris? It's crazy.

At this point Burris has been terrible for a month now and something needs to be shaken up.

Tate is starting, it’s not hard to see and read that.

oilerrocker wrote: Nope only when I see him take the first snap. Can't see them doing that to Burris unless their is an injury.
Are the Stamps supposed to play Burris regardless of the detriment to the team or to suffice his ego?


If Burris is playing poorly or ineptly, the organization must make changes.
What would happen if you were incompetent or performed subpar at work? I guarantee management would make changes…

Nope my work habits haven't changed in years and they still haven't gotten rid of me. :stuck_out_tongue:

If Calgary likes to win, they will start Tate and stick with him.
Personally, I hope they start Burris! :smiley:

I love how people try to create a so called controversy. What contreversy? If Burris wants to stay in Calgary, he'll keep his mouth shut and won't sulk. If he has any issue, Huf will send him packing in the off-season.

This is the correct call. It's exciting to see what Tate can do. We need fresh blood at the QB position in the CFL.

Henry should ditch the red contacts... :roll: