Looking like no Crossover this year

An Argo win over the Bombers (which is looking pretty certain right now) I believe will mean no crossover this year.

Not really that much of a race in the standings this year. Montreal has wrapped up 1st in the East, and Calgary will most likely wrap up 1st in the West. The Riders would then be in second.

The only things left to determine is 2nd in the East (which Hamilton is just a Cat win or Argo loss away from), and who will be 3rd in the West (BC appears to be the better team lately with Lulay playing better, but anything is possible with some teams possibly coasting).

Not tough to say things end up like this:



Based on past playoff years, I won't try to predict how things end up. Seldom do the top two teams from the season end up playing for the Grey Cup. Hopefully that won't be the case this year.

It won't be long before the playoffs are here. Can't wait.


That's pretty much it, PJ.

I like it when the geographical integrity of the Grey Cup -- East vs. West -- is intact.

Oski Wee Wee,


Call me old fashion, but I must agree.

It might be interesting to have the Cats play the Argos for the Grey Cup, but it certainly would be weird.

I still think it would be hilarious if some year we had Winnipeg respresenting the east and Hamilton (or one of the other two [spit]) representing the west.

Argos vs. Ticats in the playoff's, I can already taste the blood MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Hopefully I will be tasting it at IWS. :thup:


It would have been nice to clinch the home game, but the Cats need to do it the right way: by winning.

I think EDM is the better bet for third in the West. They're tied with BC and won the season series with the Lions. Esks play WPG at home, then @ SSK, while BC has SSK @ home, and wraps up here against the Cats. Both SSK and WPG know what place they'll finish in, while HAM may, or may not, know by the time BC gets here.

Not sure what the thinking is in this "mean something to both teams" comment from the Spec Scratching Post:

#Ticats won't clinch home playoff date this week
Argos just sealed it against the third Bomber QB of the day. Next week's game between the Ticats and the Stamps will mean something for both teams."

For the Cats, definitely. But CAL has wrapped up 1st Place in the West.

When that was written, Saskatchewan hadn't lost yet. My guess is Mr. Edwards got a little ahead of himself in thinking that the Riders would beat the Eskimos, which would have meant that Calgary still needed a win to secure first in the West.

Makes sense & understandable.

I still think it would be hilarious if some year we had Winnipeg respresenting the east and Hamilton (or one of the other two [spit]) representing the west.

Hilarious in a "Mud Bowl" type adding to CFL lore of what can happen next in Canadian football sort of thing. It would be great I say even if some people would laugh in a negative way at the CFL if that happened (of course some people just want to find any excuse anyways).

Here's hoping from this guy. :thup:

Although I would prefer the Lions make the playoffs over the Esks it's silly to ignore them as a contender as they have the same record as BC.

3rd in the west will be BC or Edm.. not just flat out BC. The teams will decide that in the last 2 weeks and if they end tied the Esks won the season series with BC. If they still have the same record in 2 weeks then Edmonton is in and BC is out.

So to sum up.. it's foolish to ignore Edmonton as a contender like the OP did.

I’d say Edmonton has to be favoured over the Lion for third in the West, because they’ve won the season series between the two teams. If they end up tied in points at season end, Edmonton is in. BC has to do better than Edmonton in these last two weeks to make it. One of their games is against us, and we’ll be in no mood to lose it. But anything can happen in the CFL.

I’m with Russ and others, I like East vs. West in the GC, and no cross-over. I’d be happy to see the cross-over scrapped. And the sooner Ottawa returns to the league and Winnipeg moves back to the West where they belong, the better.

Drew corrected himself in his latest scratching post entry.

I would have to agree with Chris Schultz of TSN when he said that Edmonton appears to be playing the best football in the West right now. If they keep this up, then they will more than likely take that coveted 3rd place in the West standings. It's even more impressive that Edmonton is doing this with their back-up QB, Zabransky (that doesn't really say much for Jason Maas, does it?!?). Matt Dunnigan even added that Edmonton appears to be the most improved team in the West, which can only add to their fortunes. I also found it interesting how Jock Climie had to question why Saskatchewan seems to be self-imploding this time of year (similar to Montreal). In any case, I do believe that Edmonton will be the team to watch out for in the West, although you never know what tricks Wally Buono may have up his sleeve with the Lions!

Like that win over the Stampeders this week?

If the Cats stay hot, they are definate contenders for the Grey Cup, especially when you consider the big three all losing this week. (Riders 3 in a row!)

Check out the CFL standings from 1999(Google). There was no crossover and we finished in 2nd place and won the Grey Cup. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Looks like the football Gods are with us this year. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: