Looking like a cold cold Cup!

Just spoke with a buddy of mine who's flying to Winnipeg for the Cup....long range forecast suggests high for the day of -8C and probably colder at k/o! He's part of a corporate sponsor group so he may have some protection for the game but it's going to be a cold one...reminds me of the first one in the 'peg in 91!

With all the things that we have to keep people warm, -8 -20 shouldn't scare any Canadian off. Grab some heat packs for your gloves and boots, a couple extra layers of clothing and cover your head. I think it is starting show how Canadians are getting soft, when -8 makes us worry.

Winter Classic in Ann Arbor was -12 C. 104,000 people didn't seem to mind.

-8?????? OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! Where are we going to move the game?????? They can't possibly expect fans to sit outside in weather like that? What were they thinking when they planned a game in Winnipeg at the end of November??? :roll: :roll:

This Canada, -8 is a nice spring day in some of the places I've lived in this country. Dress warm and enjoy the game.

My post was merely a statement of fact.

It's predicted to be -8 that day and likely colder at kick off. That's cold, no matter how much machismo one proclaims.

'91 was -17 C with a wind chill of -24. That was cold. Cherry Brandy!

Machismo doesn't keep you warm, long johns, lots of layers and warm gloves and toque do. -8 or -28 and I spent a good portion of my career working on very cold flight lines, it is possible to stay warm at -20.

I was too and sitting not far from the fanclown who launched that LabLite (which had to be pretty much frozen solid) at the Rocket on his big TD. Was at the first Heritage Classic in Edmonton, -19C at gametime...nasty even with pocket warmers and many layers of socks.

The coldest event I have attended may have been the 2006 Vanier in Saskatoon...not sure what the temp really was but recall ordering a couple of beers (served in cups) and within 10 minutes the top layer was frozen solid! And I don't think I have to explain who nasty the "shrinkage" was...made the trips to the biffy an interesting experience...

  • 8 is fine, could be a lot worse. You are from Winnipeg ....right ? :lol:

Born and raised...but living in Vancouver the past five years has thinned my blood and I take no shame in saying that! The Calgary Cup of 2009 and the Edmonton Cup in 2010 were not much warmer than it's going to be in Winnipeg a week from today and I survived them....but it did hurt. No matter, the game is going to look great from my living room on my 43" incher.

I was at a game in Green Bay -27F , sold out, people handled it

Yea, I worked most of my life outdoors and the cold meant nothing to me. Now that I am approaching senior citizens age, I find the cold harder to take. I know I could not sit in a stadium for 3 hours in the cold anymore. I wish I could but I can't. There must be many older fans in the same boat.

Minus 8 won't be an issue ..... Unless there is a North Wind .... Then all bets are off and you go directly to the Liqour store and buy a bottle Rye and hope for the best :cowboy:

…What a bunch of cream puffs…Try standing waiting for a bus in minus 40 with a northerner blowing down Main street and you’ll know what cold really is… The women in Wpg. used to stand waiting for buses in mini-skirts back in the day…We’re a tough bunch…-8 at game time is a breeze for Peggers BUT I understand that a lot of fans from the warmer climes might have a problem…That can be solved by putting a little Crown Royal brewed in Gimli (just north of the Peg) in a thermos… Just won for best Whiskey in the world as is being reported in the media…That should take the chill off in a good way :smiley:

Winter-peg Mani-snow-ba.

Really ??? That's the best you can do ? :roll: :roll:

Yep...my 17 years as a player and six knee operations come back to haunt me when the temp goes below 5C...

-8 is almost ideal football temps for November.

I was living in Saskatoon at that time, it was -20 without any sort of windchill that day. Easily -30 when you factored in the windchill. Oddly enough, tickets were impossible to get for that game with a capacity of only 12k.

Are you all kidding me… -8C is only 17F. What is so cold about 17F? I thought you Canadians were supposed to be tough when it comes to winter weather. 17F is a balmy day here in the mountains of West Virginia during the winter and even the little kiddies are out playing all day. Suck it up, put some long johns over your panties and enjoy the day. I wish I was going to be there. BTW, back in my younger days I was at the 1982 game between the Cincinnati Bengals and San Diego Chargers. Froze my butt off (-9F at kick off, -59F with wind chill) but I was young and stupid. Enjoy the game. Best of luck to the RedBlacks (gosh I hate that name).