Looking in my Crystal Ball

I'm looking at 2022 and thinking about what the league should do. I think it would be a good idea to start in April. I know it's a short turnaround from a December Grey Cup but 2021 is going to be 14 regular season games (or less). Not every team will make the playoffs either. The league needs a shot in the arm so to speak. I think it would be a good idea to have a mid-season tournament with Mexico's LFA. I would get rid of the 2 pre-season exhibition games that no one cares about at the best of times. After 8 games and playing each Canadian team once we would be able to seed the teams from 1-9 easily. We could get a TV deal for Spanish speaking America and Mexico. We could give the LFA half the money and it would go toward growing the game of football there. I would invite 7 out of 8 LFA teams to come to Canada for a 16 team mini tournament. Group A would have Canadian seeds 1-3 and Mexican seed 7. Group B would have Canadian seeds 4,5 and Mexican seeds 5,6. Group C would have Canadian seeds 6,7 and Mexican seeds 3,4. Group D would have Canadian Seeds 8,9 and Mexican Seeds 1,2. Each team would be guaranteed 3 games minimum. Having the games be worth 2 points in the standings for the Canadian team winner is an option. Mexicans would have to play Canadian rules when playing against a Canadian team but they could play NCAA rules when they play each other. I would strongly suggest that the Canadian team use practice roster and back-up players as much as possible when playing the Mexican teams. If a CFL team beat them 100-0 they wouldn't want to play us any longer. The idea is to keep the games competitive. It would also be a good idea to have guest coaches for the Mexican teams. The two ways of making players better are 1) coaching and 2) higher competition.

Ambrosie's Idea of Global players is a nice one. However right now only family and friends of the player would follow his progress. If you want a bigger audience you have to play the teams themselves. If a CFL team had a global Mexican player on it and he scored a touchdown versus a Mexican team it would be huge. Also if a Mexican team could beat a really bad CFL team that would also help grow the game. The other thing is that it might get Mexican immigrants to come to the games as well. Right now the big markets are struggling and they need something like this. Some of the Global players don't make the field during the regular season and if it's going to be a success then there should be a master plan of some sort.

I would rather have that format than have the XFL come in 2023 and want to play for the Grey Cup. I don't want to lose Canadian rules even if some of them are a little crazy. If the XFL is willing to pay us TV money to have a mid season tournament I don't have a problem with it. If they want us to come to America and play XFL rules for a short time that's totally okay. I would like to have Mexico part of the tournament as well and balloon it up to a 24 team tournament. After it's all over we can go back to Canada and continue our season.

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" I think it would be a good idea to have a mid-season tournament with Mexico's LFA"

There'd have to be a mercy rule and the game would likely be over in the first 15 minutes. They should be playing university or high school teams, but the risk of injury for small reward might not look very appealing. I like the international competition though, but that's already been going on for a long time with international tournaments such as this. They aren't really very popular.

"get rid of the 2 pre-season exhibition games"

These games are too important to treat casually. They are training games for the entire staff, as well as obvious opportunities to evaluate the players and coaching staff, referees and other officials. It would be dangerous from a safety standpoint as well as foolhardy to eliminate them and force teams to evaluate players and work on plays in regular season games. The first couple of games of the season are shaky enough as it is, with bonus no-yards calls, and other unforced errors.

"there should be a master plan of some sort"

There is. It's called CFL 2.0. And it's even got plenty of CFL-style quibble room.

"If the XFL is willing to pay us TV money to have a mid season tournament I don't have a problem with it"

I don't think I would either, but the players gotta get well paid or it's not going to happen, since an injury could end their career and sink the chances of a contender.

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If you run on first and second down that'll run a lot of time off the clock. It won't be that bad. Champions league in soccer seems to be popular so I'm hoping it'll translate. Nobody knows anyone from the football team Canada so it doesn't have the same appeal. At least with a club vs club scenario, people follow the league and have a familiarity with the players.

If we need to have the pre-season games then let the Mexican games be the first 2 games of the season. I'm flexible.

The CFL 2.0 is still in it's infancy. I'm saying because of the pandemic they should fast forward things a little to playing games. After I wrote this I saw an article in the Toronto Sun As talks with XFL continue, Canadian Football League's partners in Mexico hope for seat at table | Toronto Sun ; something is brewing but we don't know the details yet.

Obviously the CFL money that they get from television deals would have to be equivalent to 2 home games for each team at least or it wouldn't be worth it to travel to another country.

What's it been, 2 months now since the announcement they are going to explore working together? (CFL/CFL)

You'd think they could at least give the fans an update on the status of the discussions. The CFL are truly the worst corporate communicators in sports.


By the sounds of things, the League doesn't even give the players any updates or heads up on things, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that fans are also in the dark.


Can’t argue with that point. We have to get all of our information from other sources ie) TSN, Reddit and various YouTube podcasts

Very true lol. The CFL cares about the fans when they want money.

Blame the Non-disclosure agreements both sides agreed to. It was put in place to stop leaks and give both sides the ability to save face if "talks" horribly break down


Whaat? The CFL cares about :money_with_wings:. I don't believe it!!!:rofl:


lol. hilarious

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I saw an interview with Arash Madani on the "Rod Pedersen" show. Arash is saying that the leadership in the CFL is bad as well. They keep shooting themselves in the foot.

It's more on the owners leadership than what any commissioner can do.

If Mark Cohon, the best commissioner in CFL history bar none, chose not to renew then that's a telling tale of the leadership at the CFL level.


I guess one question would be - - "is there anything happening from either side worth talking about?" They may be talking a bit but maybe not past pleasantries?

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For sure I was expecting some news by now after being extra patient too.

We go live now to surveillance footage. The scene around the campfire at the CFL cook-off tonight, after another long day of videoconferencing and Zooms, looks about the same as I had posted weeks ago on another thread. Or exactly the same.

The smell? Well I am happy not knowing because we don't have olfactory surveillance. Maybe next time.


good point

They are talking about what they talk about every night, Pinky. Trying to take over the world.

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In this scenario, who's Pinky and who's the Brain?



When I got the jab yesterday here near Philadelphia was the first time I heard of some "safe app." I read that and was like, "No, up yours, I could have told you how I felt many times last year but wow only now do you want to know?"

I understand why they rolled it out, but the implementation comes from the halls of ivory towers like too much out of outfits like the CDC.

I look forward to the current CDC staff plus Dr. Fauci being forced out as it is gutted by whatever comes next in Washington by 2023.