Looking Forward

Tough loss today. Winnipeg executed a terrific game plan. Hats off to them. From worst to first.

As the TiCats work towards building us a better team, I intend to work towards building a better gameday experience for me and mine. For example, I'm looking into buying an easy up gazebo for tailgating next year. I also asked the kids to get me a football shaped cooler for Xmas.

Tori will be returning to cheer for her 3rd year. Poor kid. She taking this loss pretty badly. At least I get to drink my sorrows away. She's practically crying while she stomps around the house proclaiming her hatred for the Bombers. Join the club kid.

After much discussion about moving, Tammy and I will be staying in Box E. I wanted to move to Box J get a kilt and join the Boys, but it's easier to get Tori on and off the field on time from the south side so for now we have decided to stay where we are. Besides, someone has to bring some noise to that barren wasteland that is Box E.

Already I miss my Ivor Wynne friends. The friends I only see at the games and tailgates. Don't worry boys, time moves faster as we age. We will be re-united again soon. God willing that easy up gazebo will go on sale, and the kids will get me my cooler and I'll be back next year bigger and better than ever.

Oskee Wee Wee. Oskee Waw Waw. Holy Mackinaw. Tigers Eat Em' Raw!!!!

:thup: :thup:

“I wanted to move to Box J get a kilt and join the Boys,”

Wait…do you have the legs for this Alexander???

Hahahahaha. Listen oldfan, don’t tease. Having hauled my beer gut around for the better part of 40 years these gams of mine would make any man jealous. Besides, I was raised by me grandfather who was Scottish, and like he always said when he’d don his kilt, “Who dar meddle we me!!”

Hey Alexander my wife is Scottish.

Not sure what those last few words meant, but I hope it was a nice thing to say.

I'll ask my mother in law.....

Hahaha. You dar meddle we your mother in law? Youre a braver man than I no doubt.

Great post. Thank you for your continuing support.

As you get ready to upgrade your gameday experience, the Tiger-Cats are already working on upgrading our on-field performance. We've improved to being a regular playoff contending team, but we are clearly still one step below being a regular Grey Cup contending team.

And for all your family may be disappointed, I sincerely doubt they were stomping around the house with as much frustration as I've been doing since I got home late Sunday. Of course now that my wife Nancy has arrived home from her conference I'll have to temper my language...

Apologies. I meant,

"You dar meddle wit your mudder in law?" Pity on ya. You may need a sip from the creature to strengthen your courage.

Thanks Bob. For everything. Nancy snagged herself a keeper. The Caretakers caretaker.

To Alexander and Old Fan from a member of Clan Buchanan:

Lang may yer lum reek !

[wi' other folks coal]

a1exander, you oughta grow that beard out a little more and wear the kilt anyway! Sorry about the loss! Tell Tammy we said hello. Cheer for the DAWGS a little this weekend. We play the hated Jackets for state bragging rights on Sat at noon.

GO Ti-Cats!

Tori is so mad about trading Stevie Baggs she won't even talk about it. She follows him on Twitter and Facebook and is inspired by him. She has met him at STH events and after game autograph sessions and believe me, she's pretty pissed off about the whole thing. She's only 12 and going into her 3rd year of junior cheer. She said she gonna still cheer for him except when he plays us.

Once again, join the club kid.