Looking Forward

alright we've got Calagary next, what are the keys to beating them going to be?

For one I think we are going to need more points up on that board, our defense has been playing very well. More points=more time off the clock=more rest for the defense so they don't blow up late. I think that will be the one major key.

Another key will be a loud crowd.

What will some other keys be?

no Karsten Baily
replace him with Travis Moore
try using all three backs on the field at one time ? ? ?

Only thing to look forward to is Toronto in the semi final.

don't be a pessimist, even though a win may not matter to the standings, it will be important for confidence therefore i still want a win no matter what. We need confidence going into the playoffs or hesitation will kill us.

Make Greene starter! Greene is the best QB we have had in the last ten years by getting us to 11-7 in 2003. He was only 3-6 when they pulled him. Send out Greene to win us the last two games!

Szarka, Szarka, Szarka...oh did I say give the ball to maybe SZARKA!!

As much as I hate to say it, I can see the Riders crossing over into the east division. There is still a chance that the Riders can grab second place but the Eskimos have to lose all their remaining games and the Riders have to win all their remaining games. I believe both teams finish the season against division teams. As it sits right now, a tiebreaker between Edmonton and Saskatchewan would default down to wins against division teams. Unfortunately I do not know what Edmontons record is against division teams. There is still a chance but I cannot see the Eskimos losing their last 2 games.

As for the Calgary game. The Riders need to Beat Calgary by more than 27 points to beat them out for a playoff spot in the west. I cannot see this happening either unless the Riders get a lot more production out of the offense. Calgary plays 3 games, The Riders only have 2 left.

Enough hijacking the thread

As far as how do the Riders win the game against Calgary. Shut down the Calgary offense. Get in Henry's face early and often. When Henry Burris played for the Riders he had a tendancy to get a little excited when under pressure and attempt to force throws into tight coverage. That's how interceptions happen.

Stop the Run. In our last meeting against Calgary their running backs had a field day running through our defensive line. Also the secondary needs to stop giving so much respect to the receivers. In the Edmonton game the secondary was backing off the line by ten yards at times. And we all know what ten yards is equal to. First down.

The Riders need to get more production from their offense plain and simple. Out of the past few weeks the riders run game has been lacking it's usual production. It seems to me that every team we are coming up against is nailing Kenton Keith at the line. Why do you think this is. I think they have a linebacker assigned to Kenton Keith whenever he is on the field. Wherever Keith goes the Linebacker goes as well. The only time Keith is able to get yards is when they do a reverse to the ouside. Dont get me wrong I think Keith is a great running back but dont you think the defense is expecting run when Keith is lined up beside the quarterback.

Pass patterns need to actually be run out to the first down marker on second down. If you want to get a first down you have to take the pattern out to the first down marker not 3 yards shy of it. Also we need a long pass threat. This is another thing that has been lacking since Dominguez went out.

One of the places that the Riders really differ from other teams is the inability of the coaching staff to yank a player that doesn't seem to be putting in a less than 100% performance, especilly when there is a home playoff game on the line. In my opinion yank that player and let them sit down on the bench for a little while to contemplate what 100% effort is.

Remember. In the CFL you need to pass for a lot more than 100 yards and still expect to win.

HAHHAHHAHHAHAHHA!!! Nealon Greene? Is that a joke? I dont mean to be rude and I appreciate your opinion, but Nealon was never our best QB. At best he was inconsistent and under pressure he a choke machine. Our chances are better starting Rocky Butler than they would be starting Nealon. Keep Crandel in the Starting line up.

Keys to victory are: Establish dominence early on (ie unlike montreal game, unlike the last time we were in Calgary.) Henry Burris is capable of throwing the bombs and I know we have allowed a few loooooooonnngg bombs on us in the past, so we must beat them in the pass game defensively. Blitz, Dave Dickenson is a great QB but even he had trouble against our blitz. Once the Blitz is established, fake the Blitz. Drop a couple guys back and force the interception. Henry likes to throw picks, so we should take advantage of that. I could go on but I dont feel like it. I really dont know if these truly are the keys to victory but I do know that it is on topic.

UnrealRiders, you are forgetting that Rocky one one of those games in 2003, also Glenn won a couple when he came in replacing Greene because he sucked so bad. Greene should never start a game again in the CFL.

As for Calgary. STOP THE RUN. prevent the long ball. Do that and we will prevent them from scoring a lot.
Get some damn points on the board. we can't win if we don't score.
We are 1-6 when we score less then 20 points, and 7-2 when we score more then 20.
Score damnit and we will win.

Or, we could get an OC that calls plays like he wants to win the game instead of trying to make sure his call doesn’t end up a turnover. I personally would’ve been happier to see us try for the endzone, and give up an interception returned for a touchdown than run 2 going nowhere fast draw plays up the gut on a team that had been doing well against our running game all day.

I may be sounding like a broken record, but until proven wrong, that’s what I think we could and should be doing better.

agreed we should play to win, and stop playing to not lose.

The only reason that they are stopping Keith in the backfield is because they run all of their plays out of the shotgun. Marcel is an idiot. We should be playing to win, and if we had been, we’d be in second place right now, fighting for first. We had chances to win our last two games, one was because we kicked a field goal in the last few minutes of the game to go up by six, even though our defense couldn’t stop Montreal, and second game was because we ran on second and 8 and and settled for a field goal again. You might say “well they had to kick the field goal”, but what would be the worst result? an 8-8 record, just like we have now. You cannot expect your team to not alow a touchdown, or even 6 points in the last 3 minutes in the CFL. The other teams are playing 3 down football and with the exception of our offence, the other teams are winning in the last 3-4 min. of the game. Not only were we fight for second and possibly first, but now we are fighting for a playoff lives. Thanks alot coaching staff!

I just read that Moore and Benefield are going to be in the lineup for Bailey and Lefall. Well, expected to be in the lineup. If you listen to the Rough rider round table on CKRM, you would know that most people want Bailey out of the lineup, and i do too.

So now we just have to figure out how to get Shivers and Barrett to listen to us, if we're all fairly disappointed in the playcalling in the past couple games. I guess when we're winning, things like this get smoothed over, but when we lose when we have a good chance of winning... well, this should get brought up.

I don't think that it is Shivers. After our five game losing streak he came out and publicly criticized both Marcel and Nealon Greene. I personally don't think that he will put up with it, and we will be seeing a new OC next year.

No, I don't really think it's shivers either, but as Marcel's boss, it's up to him to evaluate whether or not Marcel is performing as required. In my opinion, and apparently other people's as well (yours included), he's not.

I hope you're right that we go to camp with a new OC.... but do you think that if he isn't the guy, and Shivers knows it, maybe we should get rid of him now, let someone else take the reins for the end of the season? Or is it too late to make a change like that?

Finally Bailey is out...Moore Just might be the solution.. and he has played with Crandell before..I dont agree with putting Benefield in..Lefall may be inexperienced.. but hes stronger and faster than Benefield.. If they dont get in Hanks face fast to rattle him... it could be a long night... Ohh and they have to stuff Reynolds which is not going to be easy.