Looking forward with hope

Your wrong. It was also Chiu, Flory, Cahoon, Miles, Stewart, Copeland, Milanovich,Jones,Murphy. There was a whole lot of people that got that team where it was.

Als wanted nothing to do with Chiu well look at the job he's doing in Ottawa ! Flory is out coaching in Regina, Cahoon is selling sneakers or inserts whatever... Where are all these All of famers who built this team ???

Something isn't right in this organization, actually a whole bunch of things aren't right. In fact the biggest mistake might be to pretend Calvillo and Popp built this team. They were big components but they didn't do it by themselves.

There was also the timing of Trestman going to the NFL. Had he left a year earlier, Milanovich would be our Head Coach today.

I`m not saying there are not other issues to be resolved, but we need first and foremost a Head Coach and QB.

And as I`ve mentioned before we need to know the Wetenhall succession plan.

I'll add my 2 cents to this thread. Look at ottawa, this team was non-existant 2 years ago. They did poor in their first year but they are not in the race for 1st place in the east and they're playing good. How come that a team who start from scratch can hire good enough OC, DC, HC, GM and have success in their 2nd year while we have lost QB, OC, HC since 3 years and nothing in the near future looks any brighter than it was this year... Ottawa can build a successfull team in 1 year of disaster and we have 3 years of disaster and still nothing good...

Ottawa latched onto a good coach and then acquired Hank Burris who is playing like he is 40 going on 30. But as we are seeing with Peyton Manning this year, skills decline dramatically at some point. Behind Burris are two basically inadequate backups in DeMarco and O'Brien but the RedBlacks are mysteriously hanging onto rookie Brock Jensen, out of North Dakota State, who has made a habit out of winning. Yeah, I know - with the invincible Burris, who needs a backup? So when will Burris hang up the jock strap?

When the team was in Baltimore this franchise was the only one, of a number of cities who joined the CFL. I believe this franchise, Baltimore, was the only American City whose population actually attended the games. Was Popp involved with this franchise and, was he with this team when it was transferred to Montreal?

I'll agree; not certain GMs grow on trees. Lots of names out there but no guarantees.

While I support JP as the GM, I think he would trade two first rounders for himself if the RRs asked his opinion.

Not a big thing for me; don't see how the work he does changes in any way if he lived in Montreal.


Certainly needs some new blood to turn over new rocks.

Ideal for every team

Rebuilds in the CFL need not be 3-4 years; so, absolutely

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Yes burris plays like à young QB but not only talking about QB, they Did manage to find à decent coaching staff that were able to develop everything in only 1 year to make à team have success, other team in the league have proven that rookie QB can perform decently when throw into an established well designed play system. Almost all other team lost their primary QB at 1 point or another and they Did perform decently, while not perfect it certainly was better than what we had for thé Last 3 year... That to me demonstrate that effort were not put in thé right place to form à décent coaching staff...

Grosse déception pour plusieurs, dont moi.

De cet article, on peut comprendre que Popp revient comme entraîneur-chef la saison prochaine. Il ne pourrait pas se commettre sur le retour de Calvillo comme coordonnateur à l'attaque s'il entendait embaucher un nouvel entraîneur-chef.



C'est le dénouement que j'attendais, et pour la raison que tu cites, cad ne pas nuire à la carrière de Calvillo.

C'est dommage puisque Popp n'est vraiment pas un bon coach. Par contre, ça apportera de la stabilité. Espérons qu'AC saura faire de quoi avec l'attaque d'ici l'an prochain. Sinon, le fond du baril approche.

I’m still very skeptical about the whole AC coaching thing. I remember the last year he played he was asked if he would transition to coaching after playing and he answered. “I can think of at least 5 things that I would rather do”.

A few years ago, Burris openly said that he would never play to or past the age of 40. :wink:

I think those five things maybe didn't pay as well as an OC job :lol:

I wish him nothing but great success. I just find it strange that someone would have that much of a change of heart.