Looking forward with hope

Let’s all admit the season is over. I think it’s pointless to try and make the playoffs and get dissolution the current squad is talent loaded, maybe short term but long term …NO.

Just look at our current QB situation......(never developed one and still not sold on undersized Cato)

For the future 2016 season we have to:

  • Rebuild fan base
  • Hire a real Head Coach
  • Find a real Offense Coordinator (AC is not ready s/b QB coach for another season)
  • Need younger players – time for some of our older players to retire
  • Need speed at all skill positions
  • Please no more NFL retreads
  • Need to find DB’s that can cover man with the new CFL rules this is a must Thorpe's hasn't adjusted
  • Better Defense scheme (cant blitz, blitz, blitz all the time) again Thorpe's hasn't adjusted
  • Need physical players with fire in their gut on this team
  • The last point – with the right OC let’s hope the playbook changes it's bad....

No change possible with this GM/HC and (let's be real) this owner. They have lost the plot, completely. If Wetenhall can't fire the GM after this fiasco of a season, then he never will and we'll be stuck with Jim Popp until the franchise implodes again. So Wetenhall should sell the team to a motivated, younger owner who can assess football ops objectively and do what needs to be done.

This has become a toxic team structure. An elderly meddling owner unable to fire the GM, who has been the only GM the franchise has known since its return to the league almost 20 years ago. One man with job immunity, no urgency, and no incentive to be the best, left to do what he wants by an owner too afraid of change to even consider the possibility of finding a replacement. This is not how any successful franchise should be run. Once the GM stops having job accountability, it's the beginning of the end.

Agreed 100%; Popp is on his fourth attempt at playing head coach, and the results from all four attempts speak for themselves (sorry Richard but it's the truth; he's just not head coaching material).

Again, agreed 100%. Dinwiddie's out of his depth, and AC is not ready yet, if ever; if the new HC keeps him as QB coach, I'm fine with that.

Agreed 100%; Cox, Parker, Brown, Stamps, Lewis among others.

Agreed 100%. See Stamps and Lewis above. Good example for comparison's sake is Toronto. They went out and got, in the offseason, receivers Gurley, Hazleton, and Elliott. Unknowns, but man they've played great and given the Argos something that Lewis and Stamps have not given us. Younger, cheaper, faster. . . that's the way to go.

If you mean like Ocho, Sam, et al, okay. But if we got a retread who was cheaper, younger, and faster, I'm okay with that.

You know the inability to adjust to the new rules was the reason given for Tisdale's release. . . but look at Parker, he still hasn't adjusted.

For sure on that. I detest his love affair with three-man fronts. It's been better once Hebert returned from injury, as since then usually one of the 2 MLBs (Hebert and whoever else is there given injury) usually blitzes so it's still 4 man pressure. . . but not often enough for my liking. Our secondary and LBs cannot cover receivers long enough (hello Chip Cox) especially given the new contact rules (hello Billy Parker), so three-man pressure is insane. And please, please, please, quit bringing Marco Brouilette up to the line to blitz or fake blitz and dropping Cox back to safety. It's a recipe for disaster. If we keep Cox, I don't ever want to see him back in pass coverage; we should use him if we keep him the way Don Matthews used to use Duane Butler.

Yes; especially on the O and D lines. Some (younger, cheaper, quicker) version of a Charleston Hughes, for example.

I'll also agree with d&p that it is time to cut bait with Jim Popp, but probably won't happen. . . and that is scary, because what decent head coach is going to want to come to Montreal with Popp as his boss, knowing that his boss wants his job?

And. . . as for Cato, I agree again. Not sold on the guy. Still seems to me to have more potential than the other stiffs like Crompton, Marsh, and Boone. . . but that potential will never be developed adequately in the "system" we play on offence and with a totally dysfunctional management/coaching set up.

This is the problem in a nutshell. I don’t necessarily think that Popp wants the HC job outright – he was parachuted in this year by Wetenhall, as he has every time a coach has been fired (and that was also W’s decision, to can Higgins). BUT … even if Popp doesn’t want to be HC, what sane coach is going to want to take this job knowing that if things go wrong, the GM will never walk the plank and the owner is going to meddle with football ops as he sees fit? No one who’s any good would come within a mile of this job, because of the toxic structure that has been in full view for the past three years.

I have a completely different view of yours.

The Als had a 10 year head start on their Eastern competitors.
Ottawa had folded
Hamilton had an old dump and an owner tripping over himself year after year
Toronto was in receivership and is on their fourth owner in those 10 years.
Winnipeg I don't even have to explain....

TEN YEAR HEAD START and now this org is 5 years behind the rest !

This team needs new ownership. The whole org fits in a couple cube vans. Their football people operate out of a basement with no windows under the decrepit BigO while the GM operates out of Carolina with his own personal assistant on site !
They fired their last President because he replaced an old analog phone system that Smith had donated used to him !

Seriously. You guys think that replacing the GM will fix this ??? Another two or three years of this and the Als keys will be at the league's office agggain! Fire the GM and you might actually accelerate the process.

This team needs new leadership to take the Als to the current era. Bob's been a great owner but he's at the twilight of his life and he's not interested in putting in the millions (3 to 5) in infrastructures to put this team on a level playing field. His son won't either. So SELL the MOFO Team ! Before its too late.

Agreed with all that. New ownership certainly needed.

I believe I'm likely one of the oldest members of this Forum. With age, one tends to be more patient with things such as football and, the Als in particular. The crisis has several features the main ones being a coach and a QB. With these needs being satisfied, a rebuilding foundation would be established. When Etcheverry left the team the fans waited around 10 years for a new QB and, when Sonny Wade finally came, several additional years went bye before the team folded. The present crisis is only three years in the making but the main issue remains the same- this teams requires a new QB and, a decent HC. This has been the main issue. When we get another Calvillo, Wade or Etcheverry and, a coach to match, the task of adding newer younger and faster athletes would be very attainable. We require a QB and, an able coach. We don't require a revolution!!

[i]x3 :thup:

If Johnny gave a shid right now, he would start a "WETENHALL SELL THE TEAM" thread. Wetenhall would do best to sell before he further tarnishes his legacy. Can they kick him out of the Hall of fame? [/i]

Not trolling here, but look at what Austin and Tommy Condell did in HAM with a totally inexperienced, rookie QB (Mathews).

The Als current problems can be solved by a strong owner who lays down the law.

Exactly. Austin is a QB guru. Look at Harris in Toronto or BLM in Calgary. Look at BC for God's sake or Edmonton being able to have some success even when Reilly was injured.

I knew Glenn was going to be completely ineffective against HAM and that's exactly what happened. So now maybe all the Popp/W apologists can admit that it's not the QB. It's the coaches, the GM, and the owner.


It's the coaches, the GM, and the owner.


The irresistible forces of the marketplace ALWAYS win, and will resolve this matter. The product presently being offered is neither competitive nor entertaining. Enthusiasm for the Alouettes is plummeting, and it will impact Mr. Wetenhall's revenue stream: lower stadium attendance, smaller TV viewership, and the reduced purchase of licensed merchandise.

If Wetenhall and Popp intend to stick around - and will not significantly change course, I don't believe this franchise will survive another full season.

I agree with a lot of that but I would not say this team is on the verge of folding. Owner is too smart to lose it all. IMO It needs new ownership that is prepared in supplying this team some professional infrastructures or at the very least very competent new leadership if the owner is prepared to reach deep in his pockets.

Looking forward with hope

Postby cvr999 » Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:21 am
Let’s all admit the season is over. I think it’s pointless to try and make the playoffs and get dissolution the current squad is talent loaded, maybe short term but long term …NO.

Just look at our current QB situation......(never developed one and still not sold on undersized Cato)

For the future 2016 season we have to:

  • Rebuild fan base
  • Hire a real Head Coach
  • Find a real Offense Coordinator (AC is not ready s/b QB coach for another season)

As I noted yesterday I don't believe a revolution is required in this present situation. The above post articulates beginning strategies which briefly set out a starting point with which the present administration could, with realism, begin the process of change. I don't believe there is a list of wealthy persons lining up to purchase the franchise. Frankly I don't think it would be a good business deal. Should any group of fans who desire to head up an opposition to bring extreme change to the franchise, a starting point could be organizing ticket holders as the vanguard to oppose the existing administration. We, individually, might decide to write the Owner a letter to advise him of our discomfort with he and Popp.I greatly admire LeStaff who wrote a ,letter on this public site to the owner, thus addressing his ideas on change within the organization. Perhaps those who dislike the present ownership might arrange to. on a group basis do likewise. Personally I respect the Owner ( but I don't know how to spell his name correctly) who has provided the funding for this franchise, which includes part of the cost of the recent expansion of Molson Stadium.
Hire a new coach, let him chose an OC and, the youth and the players we require will come soon enough.

I agree. He may be better than some other BAD choice but if he stays as GM his job is to find a good HC.

I think that "if ever" is premature. And (for better or worse) I expect that Popp/Bob will insist that AC stay on, be it as QB coach or as an associate OC (not co-OC), to continue a proper development/evolution that was supposed to have started small/slowly this year.

Better a year too soon than a year too late.

Size and speed are two things that can't be coached (marginally improved by training but not taught).

Agree; terms like "retread" mean different things to different people. Many players who excel in the CFL will have (or would) fail in the NFL because of the differences in the two games. Behemoth OLs/DLs generally don't have the quickness/speed/stamina for the CFL. Anwar Stewart and John Bowman at their peaks were too small for NFL DL and not fast/quick enough for LB.

Agreed. Not only need to adapt personnel but also tweak the defence to account for these rule changes (assuming the CFL doesn't make more).

Als have been a bit too much "finesse" recently.

ANYBODY can be replaced, the tricky part is finding the right person to do it. Maybe they could trade him to Saskatchewan for the #1 overall pick - LOL

I think that Cato deserves to come back. But WHOEVER is the OC has to build a system that suits the QBs (plural) that are expected to make the team; and the other "aspirants" need to be suitable as well. Despite tweaks, this system was built on the expectation that Crompton would be the starter, or LeFevour (who can run but is not necessarily a "running" QB).

I'm not sure why there is so much complaining on here. DAP and most here spent the WHOLE season wanting:

Crompton gone: check
Higgins fired: check
Cato elevated: check
Schonert fired: check
Calvillo promoted: check

Everybody high fiving one another for their brilliance.
Now the same now wants Popp and Wettenhal gone.

Just keep moving down the list it seems.
The playing talent level was average at best and that has been an issue.

and certainly I stand by my original statements that the organization led by Popp is dysfunctional.

I have no idea why you are "not sure". . . you in fact answered your own question at the end of your post:

Seems to me we all agree on that.

Almost everyone. :smiley: Im not as radical, would like to see Popp remain as GM, but thats just me. But there are obviously issues that have to be resolved. As RougeMe posted yesterday, ultimately the market will determine the final direction.

In any case it will be an interesting off-season. Fasten your seatbelts everyone!

It would help Jim's situation immensely if they can squeeze into a crossover spot. Not sure it helps the team or the owner but it gives Jim some cover. If they miss the post season, it makes it easier to ask Jim to resume his functions as a GM.

I think everything is on the table. I personally think it would be best for the team if they don't get that crossover spot. Humility is really needed here and the whole org has to look at themselves, starting with the Owner who's been a big part of the problem.

The Scouting structure has to be completely overhauled, the returns are simply not there. A football ops staff of ten ! Compare that to Hamilton that has four ! Toronto has six and Ottawa seven.

Whatever decisions they make, they need to be made before xmas break unles... Jim Popp is under contract for two more years. I think this team makes it or dies with what Jim does over these next two years but if he does not have a serious plan to overhaul the entire thing, I'd be tempted to trade him to Saskatchewan for a pair of 1st round picks if the team can get its hands on a John Murphy or Brock Sunderland. I would not fire him when you know the Riders are desperate for a name. At least get two first rounder out of them or hang on to him till Spring while you look for a new GM.

I still firmly believe the GM should be based out of his team's location.
Team needs to consolidate is offices and practice/training facility
Team needs a complete overhaul of its scouting operations
Team needs a strong HC in the style of Matthews, Jones, Austin. Has to be an outsider who reports to the owner just as the GM does.
Team has to accept a rebuild and go young (they are losing with vets anyway)

It`s not that they never did it. They were a league force when they had Matthews and Trestman as HC and Calvillo as QB.

So they need a solid HC and QB.... simple. :smiley: You start with that, otherwise the rest doesn`t matter.