Looking forward to the home opener on July 7

If you try to tell me they had it on Canada day, all I have to say is: "LA LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LA LA LA MY FINGERS ARE IN MY EARS".

Same here . If we even have a team, they were no shows last night.

Yesterday was a wake up call for our Coaches.

We are at least as good a Team as BC is, in terms of players. Our Coaches took the win against Toronto as a signal that they could take the week off, and not plan the game, against Buono, who has been doing this sort of thing since many responders were in short pants, jumping on and off the school bus.

I am tempted to come up for this Thursday's game. Looking at sales. There are few tickets left and they sure aren't cheap anymore.

If you know any season ticket holders ask them to pick you up a 25$ ticket. the just gotta call their ticket rep.

Go Cats Go open with a Win Vs those Bombers :rockin: