Looking forward to next year...

I think the Riders are gonna get crushed in the Playoffs. That game on sunday was so horrible...I'm just looking forward to next year, when everyone's back and healthy. Burris wanted MVP awards last year, and I think Calgary is going to the cup. I also think Winnpeg will pull an upset against Montreal and will get into the Cup. Calgary will take it by a blow-out.

I am glad the Riders have decided to go with Durant, but it isn't going to change anything. We are not playing with our best and that's why we are losing. If we were, we'd be kicking CFL butt all over the place! Unfortunately, even next year we will be playing musical chairs with the QB's. It would be nice to have a solid starter, like Ray in Edmonton.


" Dont' count the chikens untill they hatch. " Never count the riders out. You must remember they are still in 2nd place. One bad game does not a season make.

if we have all 3 power house receivers? and Cates and our Defense fully healthy?

it can be any team in there! we could go crazy and get back to the game!

just have to have a good performance on all facets of the game!

Anything can happen in the playoffs. Whoever is hot and has some luck on their side will win the Grey Cup. Anyone could do it, even the Bombers have a chance.