Looking forward to next week's showdown

Hope for a Lions win in Saskatchewan guys and an Edmonton win against Calgary. So far one half of the equation has been completed: The Lions beat the Esks this weekend and the Roughriders beat Calgary. If things happen next week the way we hope then attending the Stampeders/Lions game at BC Place on October 06 may mean wrapping up 1st place for the Lions. There would be slight chance that the Roughriders could spoil things by season end but I highly doubt it will happen.

If all goes according to plan then after Oct 06 the Lions will have their destiny in their own hands regarding sealing a Western Final in B.C.

I never want edmonton to win.

Lions just need to win their own games and they wont need calgary to lose.

Not me FYB. I'm no fan of the Esks when they're playing against the Lions but a Calgary loss will make the Oct 06 meeting all the more tantalizing for me. :rockin: