Looking Forward To Next Week...

All our players that sat this game out playing next week, I'm excited to see our boys up close and at home for the first time this season.

I hope Richie Williams gets more of a chance but at the same time I want CHANG in the game again to throw some more TD's, he really played well tonight.

Who is everyone else looking forward to seeing next week?

Lumsden and Holmes running the ball.

It'll be interesting to see which QBs will play and for how much time.

Maas and Butler will need to get warmed up. There won't be much time to get the other three in. I think Chang has now made the team. Could this be the end for Richie or King?

I am thinking a trade for one of the 2 could not be far off..the bombers QB's were rough couldn't get much done..they'd love to get their hands on another QB I am sure a deal will be done with soon with someone in the CFL.

I think Mass will get the whole first half next week
Bulter will get a quarter plus and Chang will probably get the rest
Everything I've read here sounds like King will be gone and Williams maybe as well

I like both Williams and King but I think they will give Williams the practice roster spot and send King packing just because of age and potential.

As for Chang he is forcing Maas and Butler to bring their "A" games and if they slip up we might see the NCAA record holder as our new starting QB.

I hope Richie gets more game reps. If any QB makes it onto the practice squad, I think Williams would be the logical choice.

I am all for Maas and Butler being pushed. I believe it's shaping up to a battle between Rocky and Timmy for #2. I will predict this: there will be no 0-4 repeat without Maas being replaced as starter.

I hope Jason has a great game next week as well as Rocky. I like our depth situation a lot better than what I heard of the Bombers tonight.

Oski Wee Wee,

I hope to hear more about Timmy Chang he is a really cool down to earth kid. Real nice out there leading the ticats…

Plus I hope to hear JoJo wow you guys with a kick return and a touch down…

Go ticats.

It certainly will be interesting to see what will happen. Next week will likely about getting the veterans working together, so we may see mostly Maas and Butler at quarterback. It might be that Chang might not have as much left to prove, but we might see him get some time playing with and against veterans. And I'd choose Williams over King, as Williams did not get as much of a chance, and King did little with the chance he got.

That's my $0.02 on this at this time anyway.