Looking Forward to Harker

When Collaros went down in 2019, the original plan stated by Dickenson at the time was that Fajardo would play a half and then Harker would play a half etc, etc, and the best man would get the job. Fajardo came in and played pretty well in the first at bat, was given the reigns to start the second game, and hit a home run in Ottawa as a starter even though they lost 46-42 or something. From there, no way Harker was going to get his shot to prove himself, rightly so, as Fajardo took them to first in the west. At training camp that year, I still say Harker threw the nicest ball I have seen in a number of camps from a number of Q.B. tryouts. He won his only start last year in impressive fashion, IMO, and looking forward to seeing him light it up again in Hamilton. I'm not sure he isn't a cut above Fajardo if given the starts Fajardo has had. No dissing on Fajardo here, just what I observed from Harker so far. I think he will be a keeper in this league somewhere or other if given the chance to show his stuff.

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Good, right now we need a good back up. Just in case ?

That's not QUITE true. Fajardo did not look good in relief of Collaros in week 1 in Hamilton. Harker came in mid 3rd quarter and looked better, to the point where there were a couple of guys in the Sask room here saying "I've seen enough, Harker is the guy!" Isaac did throw 2 picks in that game but one was tip drill and one was on 3rd and the game in the last minute.

Then Fajardo got the start in Ottawa week 2 and lit it up and the rest is history.

But yes, very interested to see how Harker plays today. He's made about 4 appearances in his acreer and has not been spectacular but has held his own and has looked far better than guys like Watford McGuire and Pipkin or even Dominique Davis. Let's see what he can do today.

So how did he do? Any changes of opinion?

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Not so hot. :s Although his first quarter was pretty good, but then after than ridiculous long Hamilton TD drive, he seemed to come apart. Maybe he was pressing, forcing things. He seemed to lock in a few times. It wasn't pretty.

But I don;t think there was too much opinion to change with such limited body of work. That's why I wanted to see him, to form more of an opinion.

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I'm not sure Harker throws the 50/50 ball as well as Fajardo. The 50/50 ball is a staple in the Sask offense.

I think he needs to work on his 50/50 ball a bit more so his guys can have a better shot at 50/50 balls.

Yep. I now see why Fjardo is the starter.

It’s real hard to judge , can you real judge a players worth behind an o-line that has let fajardo be under siege all season long. He’s just plain lucky he has’t been injured yet. I’m surprised that o’day hasn’t done anything to shore up his protection. They have lots of trade bait. But like I said before, maybe their looking at next year. ?

This comment has a 50/50 chance of beinģ correct.

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Highly doubt Harker is even in the CFL in '22.

I think the riders should look at that Shlitz , he looked ok for the time he was thrown in, just needs a bit more training . Another 1/2 year watching and learning . ?

The riders are in great shape for the coming season... They have all off season training camp and 8 games into next season to address the lack of a seasoned offensive line to give the QB time to play the game plan... Can you deny that a team that got to west final this past season and were in the game until the end was not good progress....

No , I don;t they were right in it. , they just have to shore up the defence now, we’re losing players there to. And the online is crucial. Andrew Harris, in a rider jersey? Or is he going to b.c.?

Interesting to watch Harper in b,c.