Looking for your thoughts on what the Cats will fetch for Manziel if traded?

Either a 2nd round pick or a 3rd or 4th rounder with some "spare parts".

I think the TiCats keep him. 8)

Cautionary tale on Heisman Trophy winner: Troy Smith.

Boyz Raw football talent he blows the doors off Zack and Masoli if he can resurrect his career and this could be the next Doug Flutie type story we have nothing to lose with this team that needs a total rebuild .

Well, Saskatchewan won't pay much for his rights. They don't need him, they've got Brandon Bridge! Three TD passes and the win in his first start for the team...not too shabby.

Troy was an after thought as an NFL 5th round draft pick. Still a very solid CFL prospect that did not make it for whatever reasons.