Looking for your thoughts on what the Cats will fetch for Manziel if traded?

Lots of opinions and i will start out with mine. I say Manziel just like a drafted player is an asset.
My guess is trading Manziel will return to the Cats at least one 1st round draft pick and a starting player.
so 2 strong assets at minimum.
The fact that he plays the most important position on the field, will sell tickets and his play is probably ideally suited as a CFL QB and there are multiple teams interested leads me to this decision.

I think it's a matter of when Manziel will be traded, not if. Considering the window has passed, and the Ticats asked for an extension to work on trades, I would expect they've got some deals on the go, and most likely will announce it Saturday/Sunday, depending on who the trade partner is (I am assuming both teams will wait until they play their games this week to announce it).

That said, I would expect a return of a 1st round pick + 2 roster players, one of which being a Canadian.

My guess is that Chris Jones is probably the one to urge Manziel to request the offer from Hamilton. I originally thought trading his rights would bring some quality players, but it was pointed out that rights to a player are not as tangible as an actual contract, nor the actual guy.

Rights are still a pig in a poke, so, solid draft choices, or maybe some Nationals with potential, solid depth guys, might be the best that trading negotiating rights will bring.

As someone has already mentioned, we might hear more after Chris Jones leaves town tomorrow?

A fourth and/or fifth round draft pick. MAYBE a journeyman special teamer. nothing more.

I'll go slightly higher than that, but lower than a first-rounder. So, 2nd or 3rd round pick, no starter.

CFL teams rarely get anything exciting in trades. Exception was Drew Willy to Argos for way too much, and Argos GM was out of work months later.

Typical QB trade (when signed) is going to get maybe an Olineman and a pick... a 3rd maybe?

A lot depends on how desperate the other team is. Teams with QB issues right now are the Riders, the Redblacks, and the Lions. Teams that might go for the big name in an attempt to increase ticket sales, the Als and the Arghos. That's a lot of teams with potential interest in a trade. With the Riders, it depends on the extent of Glenn's injury, which might be why the Riders haven't officially placed him on the injury list yet - better to not tip your hand just yet.

My guess is a second round pick and maybe a national player off their injury list.


Everyone thought Tillman did not get enough for Ricky Ray. A 1st round pick, QB prospect Steven Jyles and Grant Shaw National K/P

Maybe rephrase thatas "CFL teams rarely get what most fans think they should in trades." Ray was arguably the best QB in the league at the time, a proven commodity, so ended up costing more than the typical player. Manziel, on the other hand, is an unproven prospect, so wouldn't get nearly as much in return.

If anyone thinks Manziel will be a star better state it NOW.

Any retro analysis like

"I knew Manziel was going to be something, Austin botched an asset, this is like Calvillo all over again blah blah"

Will be laughed at and scorned.


To answer the question. A 3rd rounder.

Manzeil has shown his football skills in college and in the NFL. The Browns entire team was a train wreck so it is not fair to access his capabilities with a poor team overall. Could he be a star in the CFL? Sure, why not, given his ability to adjust to the wider field and an extra man and unlimited motion. If he can shed the baggage and if teams will give him an opportunity. Without question, he could be another Doug Flutie. At this point in time it is a crap shoot and nobody really can predict what his future may hold. I personally like a good new story where the villain makes good and does well. If he signs and plays well in the Hammer everyone will quickly forgive.

Maybe we can get a used washing machine.

And interested to know your thoughts. (For the records)
If traded is it a give away or a solid football trade?

The guy did win a Heisman trophy, apparently as a freshman, and has come from the Texas A&M football program. He does have some chops. And to be honest, I didn't always make the smartest choices in my behaviour when I was in my early 20s, but managed to live through it and (he says modestly) turn out pretty normal.

Whatever happens, I wish him the best, but I really don't know enough about the guy and his football prowess to predict whether or not he would be a "star" in the CFL. From what I have read on this forum, it looks like, in terms of football, he could be a top-level QB. The question is whether he has, or can, turn his personal life around.

I think if they deal him to SASK I;d like to see us get Nik Demski at former first round pick at wr. He looks like a solid canadian receiver that we need badly . Nik is currently on the 6 game injury list but that is fine that might make im a bit easier to get . I think Fantuz will be back for the next game anyhow. Andy Fantuz is constantly injured and how well will he fit into the june jones run and shoot offence as it takes advantage of speed hence why speedy banks and saunders are starting as well as masoli over Collaros.
We also don't know how Fantuz will perform after this long rehab ...he is bound to be slower than he was which is pretty slow. He still has great hands and runs great routes and has a great sense for the CFL game.

The dreaded future considerations.
If he turns out to be good, than it’s the old… ya, we owe you one. We’ll bring the beer for your next year’s GC hospitality suite.
The guy hasn’t played a game in a couple of years and is only going to stick around until he does or doesn’t get another shot at the NFL. Might be more trouble than it’s worth but we are good at getting into more trouble than it’s worth lately.

I agree with Gerbear20 and would be very happy to take Demski, provided he'd agree to a new 3-year contract, or at least two, in exchange for the rights to Manziel. Among others, I think the biggest issue with Johnny Football, is the fact that, if he succeeds in Canada, he won't be up here long. He's looking at the CFL as his only route back to the NFL. So, signing him here, at most, gets us a great performer for a couple of years and he's gone. I see that as the best that could happen. God knows what the worst might be!

Also could be better than both average qbs we have right now and could come at a bargain.